Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mama Style

So I did something and I didn't tell anyone not even my sweet hubby. You see, I follow a million few different types of blogs from Mommy blogs to Cooking Blogs to Style Blogs. My favorite style blogs are real women who show you how to put actual outfits together. For me as a fashion challenged Mama these ladies have changed the way I get dressed in the mornings and I feel so much more put together and better about myself.

I contacted Jamie at Stylin Mommies  to let her know how much I love reading her blog and how she has inspired me to step up my Mama style. My style has always been a lot of simple layered with lots of neutrals and an occasional pop of color or pattern, but I was feeling a bit frumpy after having my Little Lady and going from Mama to teacher and back again was throwing me for a loop. I had to be comfortable, but also able to lift heavy objects and roll around on the floor if need be and I feel like having 1 blog display so many different Mama styles really helped pull me back together.

The point of this story is I wanted in on inspiring other Mama's to get their style back and I felt like I offered another point of view for being not only a mommy, but a teacher who needed to make sure my outfits were not only toddler proof, but 19 4 year olds proof.

I am in no way a style blogger, but I think I might start posting an outfit picture every now and then and hopefully by doing so I will stop wearing the same outfits over and over again and start changing things up even more.

I will post the link as soon as it is up and please don't make fun of me for "posing" I am not fashionable, have no clue what I am doing, and I had to rig my camera up to take my own pictures because I was too embarrassed to ask anyone else to do it for me. Plese go check out Jamie's blog if you are stuck in a style rut like I was or even if you are a fashionista I highly recommend
Stylin Mommies for fashion inspiration.

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