Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

We have been crazy busy around here with spring break, trips to the lake, and back and forth trips to Nashville ending abruptly with a sick baby. 

I officially have a grade A clinger living in my house and her name is Mckinley. My girl has always been a mama's girl, but having so much one on one time alone with me all day long for such a long period of time has exacerbated the issue. Now I am not complaining because my no cuddler has suddenly become a super cuddler and I am going to soak up every second that she rests her head on my shoulder and tucks her little hands up under her resting on my chest. It does break my heart and wear me out when she will not go to anyone else or let anyone else hold her and or touch her especially when it is her sweet sweet daddy. Thankfully tonight since her fever seems to be making it's way out I was able to hide in the bedroom for a minute of alone time while she played with daddy and her precious bubbles. Shout out to Car Car and Nonni for saving the day with the new much cooler light up bubble blower gun.

Spring Break flew by because we kept so busy. I was determined to not be home unless the Little Lady was napping and except for the first day when it rained all day we spent all of our time outside or visiting friends. 

We started off our break with 1 lazy rainy day where we never got out of our pajamas and read every book in our house 3 times.

The next day we visited Ya Ya at the cake shop to try on pieces of the Easter dress she is making for Kinley. We of course had to ask Ya Ya for a giant cookie and Lu was a bad influence and let us touch all of the display cakes.

Later we met up with Car Car and Nonni for a trip to the park and then a cook out that evening. 

Sliding with Car Car

This girl LOVES to swing and doesn't like having to get out of her swing.

Nature girl


The next day we had a play date with some of our favorite buddies Ann, Preston, and Murphy. Besides putting her teeth through her lip we had so much fun as we usually do. 

Nothing like coffee and busted lips!

The next day we had grand plans to check out the big park at The Farms, but everyone else in the entire city decided it was a perfect day to visit too. We had a blast going down the slides and we only had 1 incident when a kid came down the slide in the sand pit and clipped Mckinley taking her out causing a few tears.

Breakfast picnics and what happens when you ask your 1 1/2 year old if they want to go to the park. They want to go NOW!

Park picnics and naps.

This face gets me everyt ime.

What did you expect we would do at the park on a super windy day. BUBBLES!!

After heading home for a proper nap we couldn't waste such a beautiful day and headed back out to one of the parks right by our house where we blew more BUBBLES!

Once again, This Face!

My Girl.

Last, but not least we decide to celebrate our break by spending some time at our happy place aka my parents lake house. We tried to go out on the lake, but the boat was being finicky so we spent most of our time eating, doing puzzles and watching Elmo. Lots and Lots of Elmo. Elmo's voice makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a dull spoon. 

I never thought a small red monster would make me want to break my husbands beautiful  tv.

Obsessed with Ya Ya's crickets. She kept saying "Yook!" (Look)

Fascinated by the water and flowers.


God bless you portable dvd player and Elmo dvd's


What she did most of the time. Eat and confiscate Jen Jen's I phone
Ya Ya's Pish

Watching Elmo

I have no words

I can honestly say I 100% enjoyed every moment of our break. I am so glad we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and I can't wait for Summer Break!

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