Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hold Up

I have only been back in the running saddle for a short while now and I can't even describe how much I have missed it. If you are a runner you know how it can kind of become an addiction. You can't wait to hit the streets, trails, or wherever you go and push for just one more mile. And when you increase your pace it feels like you could run with the Kenyan's! I had one of those mythical runs the other day. You know the one where you just seem to fly, your breathing never changes, and you are shocked when you look at your time. I couldn't believe I made it over 3 miles in 30 minutes without stopping on the scary hill behind my house. 

Nicole and I after one of the Winter Cross Country Races
Then I woke up the next morning, swung my feet over the side of the bed, and planted my feet on the ground. I expected to be sore, but I wasn't expecting the pain radiating from my achilles. I spent most of that day limping around my classroom and I even taped the sucker up for stability which helped along with some anti inflammatory meds (ibuprofen). I have been icing and stretching, but that sucker is still pretty tight and when I sit for long periods and try to get up it is sore. 

The while point of my story is I was supposed to meet my running buddy for a morning run this a.m. (She has been out due to other medical reasons), but the ole foot has put the kibash on my running career for the moment. This friend just so happens to be very accident prone knowledgeable in the leg and foot injury area and she suggested I keep icing and stretching and we try again in a few days. I know she is right, but I may or may not have stalked around my house like a teenager who was told they couldn't have the keys to the car. I was so excited to get out with my running buddy and see if my last run was a fluke or if I should try out for the Olympics next year. 

I have decide that I will be running the St. Jude Half Marathon again this year and i know my husband is super excited! He loves it when I really get into running mode. he loves talking about how far I ran that day, and what expensive shoes I need to get, and how excited I am about the nasty calluses I have developed on my feet and haven't lost any toe nails just yet. I will probably be posting a lot more about running because writing down what I have done always makes me feel like the internet is holding me accountable for getting up and doing it again. 

So here is to another year of race training and more bodily injuries!

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Mrs. K said...

Sorry to hear about your minor injury & hopefully the pain will disappear soon! But WAY TO GO otherwise. =) That's so exciting about the half marathon. I have a friend IRL with a toddler who is training for a full marathon right now & her blog is basically all about her running adventures. Her blog is pretty entertaining if you're interested. Here's the URL: