Monday, March 18, 2013

P-A-C-I You Ain't Got No Alibi!

Sorry that was lame, but it rhymed and I am in a jazzy mood because my child just went to sleep with 

NO PACI!!!!! 

We are finally getting back into our normal bed routine since the time change and too many late night Bubble Parties got us way off schedule. I decided that tonight we would start winding down at our normal time which is really an hour earlier to us because we haven't quite readjusted to springing forward. You better believe my girl ready and as soon as I asked her to come brush her teeth she was whining and crying to go night night. My child may be a weirdo because she absolutely loves taking a bath and brushing her teeth so this is a very normal thing to happen in our house. I layed her down on the floor in her room so I could stuff her night time pocket diaper and this was when she really started whining saying "night night! night night!" I got her changed and redressed we hugged, kissed, and I pushed the hair from her forehead and blessed her like I do every night and she just layed there looking at me while holding her puppy and lamb chop. I actually searched her bed and behind her crib for a second for the paci she went to bed with last night, but didn't wake up with and when I couldn't find it I just decided not to give her one so I just turned without saying a word and walked out of her room removing the half of a pool noodle from the door jamb as I went. I quickly swung into our bedroom to turn on the video monitor and there she was just laying there with her little chubby hands over her eyes.

I can not believe this is happening. I actually just read an article about giving up the paci and half the things it said I had already tried, but even with half of the tip cut off my girl still liked her paci at nap and night. I guess with everything it will happen when they are ready and the time is right. I swear tonight my girl has been on top of her game. She has actually wanted to go to the potty. We missed both times, but getting them to go is half the battle.

I still remember trying to get Mckinley to actually take a paci when she was little bitty. I literally forced it on her because I was so afraid that she would start sucking her thumb or fingers and I would rather break a paci habit then a thumb habit. I being a reformed thumb sucker myself I knew how difficult it was. You can't cut off a finger, but you cut off a paci!

It looks like we will be going to Mrs. Julie's house sans paci tomorrow. Please pray for Mrs. Julie and Mr. John and hope for their sake that tomorrow goes as smooth as tonight has gone.

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