Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Menu

I have moved away from my monthly meal plans and moved into a biweekly planning period. I felt like I was wasting food more than I would like and other people in our home weren't always eating what I was pulling out of the freezer. I am still spending less money on groceries and I love knowing what I need to pre plan ahead of time at the beginning of the week to be ready and not run around like a chicken with my head cut off come Wednesday evening. Now that we are eating more clean and cutting out processed foods I am not really struggling for dinner ideas because this is pretty much how we ate anyways. I am still working on breakfast and lunches, but thankfully I am a creature of habit and eat the same things everyday anyways, but I would like to branch out from my eggs and bacon morning routine once in a while. I think I see more grapefruits, Chex rice cereal with almond milk (My 1 weakness!) , and Honey Cloud Pancakes (with a few ingredient exchanges) in my near future!

For this week we are looking at 
Monday- Turkey burgers with roasted veggies and homemade sweet potato fries
Tuesday-Shrimp Stir fry with quonia for me
Wednesday-Roast with sweet potates
Thursday- Grilled Chicken with veggies (I want to tryn something new)
Friday-Cheese Pizza (Lent)

Nothing fancy, but all super healthy and clean except for the pizza, but what is life without pizza. I make my own a lot of times, but Friday starts my Spring Break so there will be only celebrating and eating that night and no slaving in the kitchen!

Next week I think I am going to try my hand at some home made whole what pasta! And Maybe some home made bread. I just love knowing exactly what is going into my families food and I am really enjoying cooking. I actually haven't screwed up a meal in quite some time and I now have my husband obsessed with roasted broccoli and he has requested it for every meal this week even if it doesn't go with what we are eating. We (I)  also have quite the obsession with home made sweet potato home fries. 

Basically all I do is slice my washed potatoes on my mandolin (my favorite kitchen gadget). Roll my potatoes in some olive oil then I place them on a well oiled cookie sheet covered in foil (I pour the foil on the foil) add some Tony's Chacheres (I just can't make my own so Tony's it is). Then I bake them on 350-375 until almost brown. I am not going to lie I like mine almost burnt, but I like all of my food super done (dry chicken and fish for this girl please). 

I am thinking about getting this shirt because I need some more motivation to hit the gym now that I am coming off of my 2 week sick hiatus. I am so glad to be feeling better and I am about to go pack my gym bag so I can hit the gym right after school tomorrow and get it done! If I am going to be in tip top shape for this wedding next year and to run the St, Jude again I better get my butt in gear!

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