Monday, July 4, 2011

Eviction Notice

Woohoo Full Term Day!

As of today if Mckinley decides she is ready then they say everything should be A-Ok. Now I want her to bake as long as she needs, but this makes mommy even more antsy for Baby Love's arrival! I still have a few things to do and get, but I am so ready. I am anxious to see what the Dr. says Wednesday, but I am not getting my hopes up for more progress even though I am still having the same pains I was having before so maybe there is some hope.
My Amazing MIL has made us a few frozen lasagnas so we won't have to cook for a while when Kinley gets here, but I want to have a few more items made and frozen for the first few weeks. I am thinking of making Brent a bacon and spinach quiche this week for dinner so I am thinking of going ahead and making 2 so we can freeze one. I think I may try a few other dishes like enchiladas, crock pot BBQ chicken and stuffed zucchini. I am sure spaghetti will continue to be a staple in our house so that can be thrown in a few nights here and there.
I spent the weekend with my family at the lake which was relaxing, but somehow I feel like I ran a full marathon I am so tired. I slept pretty good one night, but I tossed and turned a lot and my hands hurt so bad they kept me awake most of the night. That might be another reason I am ready for Mckinley to make her appearance. I know other areas are going to hurt and we will be up all night with her, but I still think I will sleep better then I am sleeping right now.

. And I probably should start showering everyday again just in case something goes down because I will not, I repeat I will not go to the hospital whilst dirty. I am not being lazy I just don't see the need to wash my hair everyday if I am just sitting at home. I do take a bath everyday because it feels wonderful on this VERY pregnant body, but no my hair doesn't get washed. Like I said I won't go to the hospital dirty so just in case I will start cleansing myself more regularly. I already told Brent I will be showering before we go anywhere so he better be prepared!

So Mckinley Grace you are being served your eviction notice. Whenever you are ready mommy and daddy are ready for you to get here so hurry it up my stubborn little

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