Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Since Mckinley is taking her sweet time getting here she is giving me plenty of time to think about the future. We have a few holidays coming up so I want to be prepared for her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

First things first is Halloween. Since she will be so little this year we are not planning on doing anything wild and crazy. Maybe we will visit with the family and pass out some candy. Our good friends Kim and Jonathan have filled her closet with precious clothes and other little girl needs and one thing included in the bundles and bundles of clothes they so kindly gave us was a precious flower costume

Kind of like this
Next comes Thanksgiving. We definitely need a cute smocked dress with turkeys on it or some sort of turkey applique
I wish I really knew how to sew sometimes because these look super easy.
I could definitely see baby girl in this adorable smocked number.

The biggest upcoming holiday is Christmas. We need lots of cute outfits because we have lots of important places to take Mckinley. We have 2 Christmas celebrations and of course Christmas mass.
Perhaps something like this
 Anavini Smocked Christmas Trees Red Corduroy Dress
or this
Anavini Smocked Ornaments Christmas Bishop Dress
I also have a few Christmas presents in mind. We won't be doing a huge first Christmas because Mckinley will only be 5 almost 6 months, but there are a few things I have been eying and I am pretty sure the G-parents will go a little overboard.Here's what I am thinking. I really like toys that babies/kids have to use their imaginations (hence why I do not have any toys in my classroom that need expensive little batteries to work) and I LOVE wooden toys. Here are a few things that will for sure be under our tiny Christmas tree.

#1 Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart
#2 Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

#3 EverEarth Activity Walker & Push Toy for Toddlers

Can you tell I am ready for her to get here? Well just in case she doesn't show up soon we went ahead and scheduled her eviction date. Monday July 25 is Mckinley's official due date and trust me I am pretty almost 100% sure what her actual due date should be because when you are actually trying (temping, charting, etc) you know when you got knocked up. So 40 weeks exactly should be this coming Monday. now I am really ready for her to get here, but I don want to rush her or suffer unnecessarily so if she needs a few more days we are giving it to her. We have scheduled my induction date for Friday July 29 at 8:30 a.m. This also happens to be my great aunt's 102 birthday! I think that would be a pretty neat day to celebrate Aunt Dolly and Mckinley.

Mckinley Grace I am asking you right now to please show up before that, but if not we will see you in 9 days . I think knowing an exact date is scarier then her just "showing up".

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