Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Don't care If Your Kid Has Diarrhea

I started my blog so friends across the country could keep up with our little family since we would be having a new addition soon. I never expected anyone to really read it, but I have made a few friends online who actually follow what I do from day to day. The other reason I wanted to make a family blog is so people didn't have to read my thoughts on something like facebook especially since I never write anything on facebook and I refuse to join any other social network (yeah I'm talking to you twitter)



Facebook has slowly fallen out of favor with me over the past few years mainly because I can't stand reading some people's daily, hourly, minute by minute accounts of what they are doing, eating, or what bodily functions are coming out of their children.

So I am promising here and now I will not make people suffer from reading about the daily intake and output of my child's body.  I will post pictures of what we are doing from day to day, but I will try to make it as painless as possible.

I guess I like my blog so much because you don't have to read it unless you really want to and I guess I could do that on facebook and I just might start blocking people.

Now that I am done judging other people you are more then welcome to judge me on what I am about to divulge. Yes I am almost 30 years old and about to have a baby, but by golly I love me some Brittney Spears. I think I might go so far as to purchase her latest album with the left over itunes card Brent got me for Christmas. I am rethinking my ipod running mix and I think Brittney may be just the thing to get me re motivated post child birthing to get back in the groove.

You sly little minx you!

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