Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy Hair

I refuse to have a mommy haircut (yes I did recently go shorter, but no it is not a mommy cut). I actually saw this hair tutorial long time ago on Facebook, but never tried it out. 39 weeks into this pregnancy and after 8 weeks of being trapped at home I decided I would try it out today.

I took my daily bath and after getting all soaped up and relaxed I got out one of my trusty running headbands and began wrapping the hair around the band. I did not want to wait for my hair to dry so I sat under my hair dryer for a while while reading "The Lovely Bones" (hair drying time is my favorite time to read). I was way too impatient for my hair to dry all the way so when it got about 90% dry I took out the band and gently dryed the rest of my hair curling the curls around my finger.

I now have my hair half pulled up with bobby pins and after spraying generously with hairspray my hair looks awesome and is holding the curls nicely.

When Mckinley FINALLY gets here I plan on showering at night, blowdrying my hair and sleeping with my hair like this a lot to get nice curls for school without any work and to give myself more time in the mornings with my little.

Sorry there will be no pictures because I have fat pregnant face right now, but maybe someday after I have lost a few baby lbs. i will show you how my yucky baby fine and thin hair can actually look cute without any work.


Meagan said...

What an awesome idea!

Roxanne said...

It really works and my hair doesn't hold curl well at all!