Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Need A Craft Room

I keep telling B whenever we get a bigger house we need 2 extra rooms so he can have a man room. Now I am not sure what he would do in a man room besides what he already does in the bedroom like  watch sports tv in his boxers, but Mama needs a craft room!

I like to think of myself as a "crafty" person and I know he gets sicks of bits of string and felt lying around everywhere.

The whole point of this pots is to say I need a room because I am about to start making some of these and these. Here are some reference pictures.

 I shall be making some flower hair clips for Baby Love. We already have a ton of cute flowers with jewels that can be interchanged, but I have the felt and a TON of time on my hands so I shall busy myself with making some cute flowers for the scraggly hair I am sure my poor sweet baby will have (mommy had awful hair and I am sure Mckinley will be cursed with it). Now all I need to do is find my glue gun and glue sticks. This project would be much easier if only I had a craft room.

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