Monday, July 11, 2011

Plan Of Action

I am already scheming up a post baby weight loss plan. I know I have days/weeks before Mckinley is here, but I want to have a plan of action ready and waiting to go.

I am a firm believer in Weight Watchers and have successfully worked the program (I sounds like one of Brent's clients) before with awesome results. I know it works for me so I plan on going back to something tried and true.

Yesterday I was doing some research about breastfeeding and dieting especially using WW (Weight Watchers) and there are some things you are supposed to do.

First things first if you are breastfeeding it is best to wait 6-8 weeks before really trying to diet. I do plan on not eating some of the crap I have been eating while pregnant (bologna and tons of cheese).

I am honestly proud of myself for not going crazy just because I was pregnant (we are not counting the sour punch straws and runts I splurged on last night. In my defense it was a last minute date night and we splurged. I have however not been as healthy as I am normally. Being pregnant really does something to your brain. It makes you eat things you wouldn't normally eat on a regular basis. I never ate any weird combos of food together, but 10 pieces of cheese everyday was a tad odd.

Second on WW you are supposed to add 500 calories to your diet while breastfeeding because you are burning a ton of calories. We are hoping breastfeeding goes well and hoping that like so many of my wonderful friends who keep telling me this is how they got their bodies back that it works as good for me. I am not getting my hopes up and who knows if breastfeeding will even work for us, but stubbornness and not giving up on things is one of my better qualities (i.e. cloth diapering even though everyone keeps telling me It is too hard, disgusting, I will never keep it up) the harder you tell me it is the harder I will work to do it. And just like my cloth diapers my cheapness is hoping this will save us even more $$ since we won't have to spend tons of $$$$ on formula.

So I will wait my 6 weeks before dieting, working out, and doing other things (wink wink) because that is what is best for my baby and my body, but believe you me when those 6 weeks are up IT IS ON!

And for your viewing pleasure here is what I have been enjoying all day while sitting on my couch watching really old reruns of Project Runway. This blog is called Tacky Weddings and it is FANTASTIC. It isn't only Irish Traveler weddings, but just downright tacky weddings. For example the Russian Gothic Wedding

And this Amazing wedding photo reminds me of my in laws wedding photos (I will have to scan a few someday soon) . there is nothing like a super imposed tiny bride or a face into lovingly cupped hands.

Now this is just inappropriate.

And just because I love gypsies and gypsy weddings so much
Why is the mom cupping her daughter's boob??
And yes this is honestly what I do all day after cleaning my house while waiting for Mckinley to get here. It is just too dang hot to leave the house!

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