Thursday, July 21, 2011

To Do

Since we officially have everything checked off of our Mckinley to do list except the whole Mckinley actually being here I thought I would make a to do list of things I can't wait to do when she finally shows her pretty face. I was at lunch with my friend Courtney and her oh so adorable handsome little man Harrison and she was telling me how she loved being pregnant and I had to admit to myself that yes I have actually loved feeling teh little lady in my belly everyday even though it has been pretty painful because my child is some sort of in utero karate expert, but by golly I am so darn ready for her to be out. Without further ado here is my list in no particular order.

  1. sleeping in a different position other then on my sides with numb arms and sore hips
  2. roll over without assistance or getting a rolling start
  3. weeding my garden and getting my yard back in "no we are not your trashy neighbors" order even though we have a door, a vintage sewing table, and leaves from this past fall still in our carport (thankfully I cinally got rid of the old paint cans from last summers house painting)
  4. snuggling with baby girl
  5. not worrying about eating too much sodium because I will get all swoll like a fat ole water balloon
  6. no more carpel tunnel hands and scary witch fingers in the am
  7. carrying baby love in her awesome pink sling as close to mama as possible
  8. shaving! I can't wait to shave my legs without contorting like a circus acrobat
  9. I know I will still have to pee a ton because I drink way too much water, but I can't wait to not walk out of the bathroom just to turn right back around to go again
  10. I know it will be a while before I can, but I can't wait to run, workout, lift weights, walk, something other then take a few steps to the bathroom then take a few steps back to the couch and repeat
  11. painful belly is a syndrome I can not wait to rid my body of. the area around my belly button is so sore even though it never popped and each time someone wants to rub my belly I flinch and die a little inside because I like my belly being rubbed, but ouch.
  12. I am ready for cuddling, crying, baby baths, naptime, cloth diapers, figuring out baby schedules, no sleep because baby is up not because I am uncomfy, cuddling in bed with daddy and baby, walks to the park, nursing, rocking, smocked dresses, baby newbies, and everything else that comes included with baby
  13. using my diaper bag insted of my purse
  14. watching people I love cuddle my little
  15. feeling good because I can fit into my pre baby clothes
  16. friends and family visiting to meet the newest team member of Team Doyle
  17. no more sipping maalox and worrying I won't be able to find the berry flavor and will have to get the nasty peppermint flavor
I could keep going on and on forever, but I have to get up in the morning to trek to my lovely mother's house to start making a new headboard for our sad little bedroom. The time is now 3:14 am. Brent should be waking up in about 3 hours and then I will have maybe 3 more hours before my wonderful mother calls to see when I am heading over. I just don't understand how I am not the least bit sleepy right now.


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Hey! Me a recent visitor. Keep up the good work. =D

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