Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Due Date

Happy Due Date Mckinley Grace.

Today is my official due date and I knew she wouldn't come today. I am just hoping she doesn't wait until Friday to show her pretty face. Thankfully I have something else to take my mind off of waiting. My good friends are actually at the hospital right now waiting on their precious baby boy. My friend Jill was due last Thursday and it took her sweet baby a few more days to get ready.
So now we are watching and waiting for some news from them which is really helping me take my mind off of waiting.

We have texted a few times this morning because I wanted all of the dirty details from my pregnancy buddy. I of course wanted to know how bad it hurt to which she replied it was pretty bad at first, but the epi has made it easy breezy (thank goodness for drugs!) I am so proud of her and her adorable hubby. They will be amazing parents. I am just so thankful we have such good friends who will be going through the same things we are very soon. I am so ready for play dates and mommy lunches.

Good luck Jill and Ben!

I have already told everyone I know and love that I am not answering my phone today (maybe this entire week) because the more people who call me and ask "is the baby here yet" or "when are you going to have that baby" are making me more anxious for her to get here. I promise people we will call you when something starts happening. So don't be alarmed if you can't get me I am not just ignoring you I am ignoring everyone, but I promise I still love you.

My plans for today to take my mind off of waiting are to clean the house again, file bills and papers, and make more hair bows for Baby Love. f it wasn't so darn hot I would get up in the attic and start arranging things into piles we want to keep and piles we want to sell in our garage when it starts getting cooler in December (anyone want an antique sewing table?) The oh so nice thing is Brent is officially on vacation. He started his paternity leave early so he could make sure to be back to work to start his new position as supervisor before his current supervisor leaves. We are hoping Mckinley gets here the next few days so this week isn't a waste. I am just happy he is here with me even though he is still sleeping and not entertaining me.

Oh and I am posting this here and now. I mentioned to the husband that he should go ahead and cut the backyard because it was nice and shaded and not that hot, but he would like to wait until 2pm. I can not wait to see how much he complains and whines about how hot it is and if it rains before he gets to it he may just suffer the wrath of his little wifey who can pop out a baby at any minute. I just wanted to have it said somewhere that I tried and laziness conquered.

Here are some flowers to brighten my day of uncut grass.


Mrs. K said...

Oh Rox, I really hope that McKinley decides to show her pretty face in the next few days. I can't wait to see pics! I totally understand how you feel, but Carter still has a few more good weeks if he decides he needs them.

Also, I second the grass mowing by the hubby! Our backyard is a MESS. My husband said he would do it this evening, but he's been saying that for a few days now. Pregnant wife wrath may have to be enforced. =)

'HoulaMom said...

I've been stalking your blog waiting on this patient baby to show up! Come on Mckinley! I hope we hear some good labor news from you within the next 24 hours :-)