Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things To Come

Since I am awake and have been for most of the night thanks to baby kicks in my belly and some wicked heartburn (no more mint chocolate chip Klondike Bars right before bed) I guess I will type since I have nothing better to do. Brent isn't even awake yet and I hope he slept better then I did because he has his interviews today for a supervisor job which that means more/less b/s at work to deal with depending on how you look at it, a little more $, more time at home with his girls so we are really hoping he is his amazingly charming self and gets himself a new position before paternity leave when Baby Love gets here.

I was thinking last night about the changes I want to make in our little (tiny) homestead. My mom and I were chatting this weekend and we have mapped out a plan for a few changes in our bedroom. We are going to be making a new headboard and getting rid of the awful squeaky cheap bed frame we currently reside in. She actually recently made a headboard for someone else who didn't care for the fabric (I happen to like it) so we will probably just use that and we will add some nail studs around the edges.

(Something like this)


I also want to start searching yard sales, consignment shops, and flea markets for a nice big piece of furniture to replace the dresser in our bedroom. The furniture we have right now is a set from an Ashley Furniture type store that Brent bought pre Team Doyle. Needless to say it isn't top quality. I finally made him realize older furniture is sturdier and much better made. I promised him I would redo it and make it Brent worthy and "cool".
Last night was so much fun. Brent and I met up with my girlfriends Nicole and Hayley for a meet and greet of Nicole's new man Brent! We call him Brentx2 or Brent squared. I love that he has the same name as my hubs since I have been known to call people's new boyfriends by previous boyfriends names (sorry Jen and Nicole). We went to Pete and Sam's (yummy). Sadly we saw no gypsies, but there were other strange people to entertain like the lady with giant white bandages from her wrist to almost her shoulder. We ate yummy pepperoni and Italian spinach pizza and chatted up the new man. Everyone came back to our place to have a nursery viewing and to chat. It was so much fun hanging out with good friends I don't get to see very often especially Hayley who lives all the way out in Colorado. Hayley also brought a very special gift for Kinley. We now have an adorable outfit for next summer, but the best part of her gift was a miniature Chewbacca doll that makes awesomely realistic  wookie noises when you press his belly. I laughed harder last night then I have laughed in a while and I look forward to hanging out some more this week.
I have another Dr. appointment today and I am looking forward to see if my poor beaten body has made any progress in the baby front. I have a feeling it won't be a spectacular amount if any this week. I am also trying to think of any questions I have for Dr. Williams since she always catches me off guard and I can never think of anything to ask in the moment. I honestly can't think of anything to ask her because I feel like our birth class and my books have pretty much answered everything. I just hope I can stay awake until my appointment this afternoon.

Last but not least today are 2 new belly shots.
35 Weeks

Week 37

Now for some exciting news. I just got back from my 37 week appointment and I am currently 2cm, 60%, and -2. Not much, but progress is progress. That means we have 8cm, 40%, and baby needs to drop down more. Hopefully things keep going and I am going to help them along. I am going to start walking in the morning or evening along with my crazy house cleaning. I am also going to keep up my stretching which makes my hips feel so much better. The best part of my appointment was when my Dr. first walked in and goes man you must be really swollen today because there is no way you gained 7lbs. in 1 week! Funny you should point that out because my feet are HUGE today! I think this is my least favorite thing about being pregnant. the swollen cankles really gross me out.

I am just waiting for target to send me my 10% off coupon and I will be 100% finished with my baby purchases. They said they sent it out in May and shock and surprise I never received it. They are going to resend it and I should get it in a few days. Hopefully I will get the rest of the stuff for baby right before or right after she arrives. Glad it is nothing I really seriously need stupid Target. There are some nursing items that could make life much easier, but we can do without until they arrive. I would also really like to go ahead and get my clothesline hung up so I can sun my cloth diapers. At first we will be trying to use up all of the diapers everyone has gifted us for when we "give up". I will be mixing them in with my newborn gdiapers especially when we go out for visits and are staying at my parent's house for the first night or so. I am assuming my mom won't want to wash any poopy diapers in her washer.

Hurry up and get her Kinley so we can start getting all of this mess figured out. Mommy is starting to get really bored sitting at home!

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