Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

So what do I like to do for fun???
Sadly I had to take a few minutes to think this one through. Brent and I don't get out much so most of the things we do are around the house. We watch a lot of Netflix and usually eat dinner at home. When we do go out to eat it isn't ever anywhere fancy, but those don't really count as a hobby.
I really like to read and the majority of my reading time happens while I am drying my hair. Bath/Shower and Hair drying time is my special Mommy time. Brent mans the munchkin while I soak and relax. I have a clip that helps hold open my book and I can get through 5-10 pages depending on how I am styling my hair that day. I actually read a complete chapter the other night while Brent was watching football and Mckinly was sleeping!
I also love crafting. I haven't actually knit anything in a while, but i started a white cowl neck infinity scarf for myself, but it hasn't been touched in over a month. I am thinking about making Mckinley a mini one in brown or navy blue, but those will have to wait for Christmas break nap time.
My favorite thing to craft with is felt. I feel like you can make anything out of felt! I am currently working on a felt camp fire set for Mckinley for Christmas and if I finish that I would like to make her a felt fishing game with a magnetic fishing pole and a little pond with lilly pads. Felt is so easy to work with and relatively inexpensive which is good for my non existent crafting budget.
One other thing I used to love to do and I am hoping to get back into if I can ever find the time is running. I am signing up for my first cross country trail race in probably 2 years in January and I am hoping the bug bites me again because I miss running. Between Brent's work schedule, Keeping a house, and Mama being sick I haven't had much extra time to hit the pavement, but there have been many times especially on the weekend where I should have gotten off my butt and out the door, but I just didn't have the motivation. I think signing up for the Winter Cross Country Series will be just what I need to get myself back in the game.
I guess meal planning is my newest hobby. I started in September planning out a month's worth of dinners and have done a pretty good job planning out my meals, lists, and budgets. This past month was probably my least successful, but between Thanksgiving, Brent being out of town, and my parents and in laws sending us meals I haven't had to do much cooking. The good thing is I can just transfer most of my November meals to December with only replacing minimal supplies.
Now that I think about it I like to do a lot of stuff! I thought this was going to be hard because I feel like an old fuddy duddy these days, but between refinishing furniture, making camp fires, finishing the Sookie Stackhouse series, and spending time with my family I am one busy Mama!


Sarah said...

Errmerrgerrsh. LOVE that campfire set!

www.pinkbears.ca said...

I didn't even think of meal planning! That's a good one - despite the fact that it's kind of my 'job' now that I'm a SAHM, I actually enjoy planning meals and making them - it goes along well with my need to organize things!

Roxanne Doyle said...

Sarah-mine isn't as cute as the one in the picture, but I am pretty proud of how it is turning out so far!

Roxanne Doyle said...

pinkbears meal planning is definitely a job! I have kind of gotten a good routine with it so the actual planning doesn't take me as long it is the darn blogging about it that takes so long! I need to get a pdf creator so people can print out the recipes

Megan said...

I found your blog through the hop, and I just have to follow you! I monthly meal plan as well, and my hobby post was all about reading. I'm not really crafty though. Love that felt fireplace...so cute!!! :)

Roxanne Doyle said...

Thanks Megan!! I LOVE your Advent wreath from your Christmas Pinterest post! I am going to have to use that! I teach preschool at a small Catholic school and I am always looking for fun ways to teach the important stuff which is EVERYTHING!!

julie said...

I totally agree with you - felt is the BEST for crafting. I have boxes and boxes of it in my craft room, just waiting to find time to make all the projects I want. Hope that campfire set turns out cute, what a great idea! :)