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Happy Halloween

Last year for Halloween we went pretty simple with our costumes since Mckinley was only 3 months old at the time. I was obsessed with her being a lambie and found a super cute costume for a pretty good price. To go along with the little lamb Mama and Daddy were of course farmers. 

We had fun and went to a few parties and Mckinley put up with me changing her outfit 5 times, but she couldn't really enjoy it. Heck she couldn't even sit up. I love looking back at pictures from this time last year to see how much she has grown and changed. I can't believe how big my baby has gotten.

This past weekend we got dressed and headed out to a good friends house for some Halloween fun. I was so excited about our costumes this year. I spent days trying to figure out what we should be and then one day it hit me! THE FLINTSTONES! and our friends could be the RUBBLES!!! All I needed to do now was decided if I would buy or make our costumes. I scoured Ebay to see if I could find any good deals and ended up snagging Brent's Fred costume for $10. Mckinley's would be a little more difficult because everything on Etsy was either super expensive or not what I wanted. I didn't want a pink Pebbles costume I wanted the roginal green and blue costume with a bone hair bow. So I decided I could make my own for much cheaper. I purchased 1 yard of bright green fleece from Hancock and got to work. I didn't feel like pulling my giant 1,000 pound ancient sewing machine out of the closet so I got to sewing the side up by hand (I used the fabric fold to create the straps and just cut out the head hole) sewed on a million black spots, hand dyed a pair of white bloomers blue, and threw together a little white felt bone hairbow. DONE! Now all that we needed was mama's costume (you know mama always comes last after everyone else is taken care of). I couldn't decided if I should even try to make my dress or just give in a buy it. Lack of time and pure exhaustion won out and I ended up running to Party City the night before our party and just buying it. I wanted to throw my arms around the little boy's neck desperately trying to fulfill every desperate customers needs when I asked him if he had the Flintstone's costumes looked me up and down and shouted to the back Wilma size SMALL! Loe you stock boy! Thankfully it fit and now came the biggest decision of my costume wearing life. To wear the wig or to not wear the wig that came with it. I went ahead and started playing with my hair to create a Wilmsesk haristyle (a top messy bun with bangs) and finally decided there was no way I could wear a wig all night and decided to go with a more natural Wilma look.

If you can spot my weird third hairy leg then you win the prize

Don't worry we already hit up Target and bought her her very own Cars Magna Doodle. It will be in her Christmas stocking. I sort of wish we had had it yesterday when we were waiting to early vote, but thanks to some very nice ladies we made it and were very entertained.

Party Friends

Mckinley's older man Tucker


Mama HATES balloons so much you might categorize it as a phobia and yes fear of balloons is a real phobia! I am an official Globophobic!

More Magna Doodle

We had a blast playing with all of the other babies, popping balloons, writing on magna doodles and not letting anyone else play with it, traveling from person to person so they would feed us, and just plain running the house because someone is a hot mess. All of the babies were SO good and no one cried and everyone played so nicely (except the whole magna doodle hoarding thing). It really was a great nite and I was so glad The Nemeths had invited us!

Then came Halloween night and our own party throwing!!
If you know me you know I LOVE my family and you would know I would rather hang out with them than anyone else so when I suggested a party for everyone to get together for Mckinley's first trick-or-treating they all said Yes! And my MIL and FIL were kind enough to host it at their house because no one would have had any fun cramped in our teeny tiny house! My MIL went above and beyond with the decorations and we all pitched in with food. Joan (my MIL) made crock pot hot dogs (you can cook anything in the crock!!), spinach dip, cheese balls (no she didn't make them, but she would be a lot cooler if she did-if you get this reference we can be friends). I made pumpkin dip with gingersnaps and a graveyard funfetti cake. My sister made devil's on horseback (if you have never heard of these you should try them out for Thanksgiving everyone will think you are a culinary genius !!!!). In case you have never heard of these I shall now insert the Creedon/Doyle secret family recipe.

Devil's On Horseback
picture source

1-2 containers of pitted dried dates (depending on how many people you are feeding)
1 large containerof blue or gorganzola cheese
1 package of bacon sliced in half or thirds if you will be cutting dates in half
wooden toothpicks

Preheat oven to 400
1.Slice prunes down the middle being sure not to cut in half for larger portions or cut in half for bite sized 
2.Stuff date with cheese
3.Wrap bacon around cheese stuffed date and skewer with toothpick to hold bacon in place
4.Place on baking sheet and place in oven for 15-20 minutes.
Serve hot.

 My mama made delicious chili. Aunt Jean made witched brooms (pretzels stuck in mini reese's cups) and a precious Jack-O-Lantern 7 layer dip (one of my favorite foods!) Sadly I forgot to take picture of any of the cute food, but it was delicious and that is all the really matters.

Meet The Flintstones

Read to Trick Or Treat. The wagon made it all of 5 seconds before someone wanted to walk and someone wanted to be held. We do not own a blue snack cup. Someone stole a blue snack cup then proceeded to eat all of the snacks in the snack cup.

Our only trick or treating picture. As you can see Mckinley stole Noah's snack cup and right before this and right after this there may have been some screaming and crying because someone (cough cough Mckinley) wanted Mama and only Mama to carry her and a precious little lad wanted to walk like a big boy. Ah the joys of being a toddler parent. We made it to 3 houses and raked in 3 pieces of candy. All in all I call this a success.

Precious Mr. Noah

Playing with Aunt Jean and stealing June Bugs snack cup. Mckinley is really good about not taking toys from  other little people, but throw a snack cup into the mix and game on!

June Bug might have tried my Mallow Cup/Keebler Cookie concotion c/o Papa Brent

Nonni and Pebbles

The only reason I am posting this picture is because my baby looks like such a big kid. Cue 1 single tear rolling down Mama's cheek.

My sister the Loofah

Fred and is P.I.C. Barney (a.k.a. Brent and Ben)

Batty Jean and Tiny Aphrodite June

Not sure what Adam was supposed to be, but his tiny hat made me happy.

Bam Bam a.k.a. Noah

I LOVE my little Pebbles!

The Flintstones and The Rubbles. I am already planning next years group costumes!

We even had our Pimp Thom grace us with his presence

We even took one of Brent's favorite super duper close up self portraits

My precious Mama and Daddy a.k.a. Grandpa and Ya Ya
This was right before she spit the mouth full of milk she is holding in her chubby chipmunk cheeks all over me

A little side by side Halloween comparison. Halloween 2011 vs. Halloween 2012
I have gotten skinnier 9Thank the lord) and my baby has gotten bigger (stop growing darn it)
Cue one more single Mama glistening tear slowly rolling down my cheek

How about 1 more picture to top of 1 super long Halloween post.
1 makeup bag, 1 diaper bag, 1 trick or treat jack-o-lantern bucket holding 1 belied lamb chop, 1 bag of discarded Halloween costumes, 1 sippy cup of milk, and 1 giant bottle of super cheap vodka from my Pink Panty Pull Down Punch also a.k.a. Skip And Go Neked Punch a.k.a my new favorite drink! I will go ahead and insert 1 more recipe because if you haven't tried this drink you need to go make some. It is super easy and super cheap!

Pink Panty Pull Down Punch and or Skip and GO Neked Punch
A 6 pack or 12 pack depending on how many people you are service of cheap light beer
I went with Pabst Blue Ribbon because what is better then some PBR!?!?
1 large bottle of cheap Vodka
2-3 containers of pink lemonade concentrate

Pour 1 bag of ice into punch bowl or cooler
Pour in 6-12 cans of beer over ice
Add 2-3 cups of vodka into bowl (add more or less to taste)
Start with 1 can of pink lemonade concentrate and add more or less to taste

Alright 2 more pictures and then I am really done!


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