Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pre K Days {Mr. N Nursery Rhymes}

I forgot to upload a few pictures today and left the card in my school camera so I will have to for realz finish this post tomorrow, but I am so darn tired of working on it I just had to get it up and posted. I have been so busy trying to get next week {Thanksgiving} and the week after {Transportation} finished so I can be ahead of the game that I just need to get this off of my brain!


{Weekly Wrap Up}

Last week Mr. N came to visit and taught us all about Nursery rhymes. Since nursery rhymes are silly poems with rhyming words I wanted to really focus on what else......Rhyming words! I feel like this is such an abstract concept for my babies to grasp that I wanted to spend extra time on it. Each student has  K.I.T.E. folder they take home everyday and in the back of their folder is a section for GASP.....HOMEWORK! Yes I give my 4 year olds homework and the LOVE IT! It is simple activities that reinforce what we are learning in the classroom and this month half of their homework has to do with rhyming. 

I was really excited to let my kids finally use the SMARTBOARD to play a rhyming game which really seemed to help them get the whole rhyming concept. Rhyming isn't a very tactile concept so being able to touch the pictures and hear the words at the same time seemed to really make it sink in. We will be spending a longer amount of time on this skill because I want them to really understand it.

Now how about some Nursery Rhyme/Rhyming activities.

This week we worked on Workbooks I have made up out of worksheets I have or activities I have made up. This is a skill they will need to have for kindergarten so every now and then instead of an Activity I will be substituting a workbook. In this particular workbook the students had to draw a line to the matching rhyming word on the opposite side.

Another rhyming workbook. This time the students had to look at the picture in the middle and draw a line to each picture it rhymed with.

I want to start focusing on drawing shapes next week so we completed a workbook on tracing shapes and matching shapes.

 And our final job we made an N nest with a little blue birdie.

I was really excited about our Nursery Rhyme activities this week. I wanted to once again show my students multiple ways you coule Tell or Read a story so we read a Nursery Rhyme Book, Watched a Video and I Used a Picture Story/Felt Board Story. On the first day we talked about what a Nursery Rhyme is and that it was a special story because it was a poem written especially for little kids and had rhyming words.

We read Hey Diddle Diddle and found the rhyming words and then the kiddos made their own Dishes and Spoons.

I told them Baa Baa Black Sheep using a picture story or felt story. Then I wrote the Nursery Rhyme on the SMARTBOARD and the students helped me find the rhyming words. Then they made their own Black Sheep by sponge painting  a piece of white paper with the sheep's body drawn on it. After they dried they cut out the body and the rest of the pieces and put their not so little sheep together.

We read Humpty Dumpty and watched a little Nursery Rhyme rap video of the story. Then the students made their own Humpty Dumpty. I meant to have them tell me what they would do to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but we ran out of time and then I forgot.

The last story we read and then watched a Nursery Rhyme Rap was The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Then the students created their own Nursery Rhyme Book and they were the Author and the Illustrator which is something we have emphasized since we started reading books and now they got to do it themselves.

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