Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful {Days 17 & 18}

Yesterday was insane and I totally forgot to do my thankful post and I promised myself that I would follow through with this so bare with me.

Yesterday I was  thankful that my mom and dad taught my sister and I how to do things for ourselves.
We can change our own tires, redo furniture, and we even have our own power tools.

My parents have been fixer uppers since before it was cool. They redid a gorgeous house in midtown and are still fixing and redoing stuff to this day.

Because of them I am turning this beauty into a work of art!

Today I am thankful for Mckinley's newest game. She used to give me sugars (kisses) all the time and then she got to cool for school and thought it was funny to laugh and run away breaking mama's heart a little at a time. I am still not sure how this game came about, but it is hilarious and means lots of kisses for Mama. How do you play you ask???? well basically you make your child give you slobbery kisses and then you laugh and say woooooooooo really loud and hi pitched. Then repeat over and over and over again. I LOVE this game it melts my heart and I love how funny she thinks she is. I wish I could post the video of her spinning but she is neked for 80% of it and no one needs to see that. just know my child spun neked for about 5 minutes and looked like a tiny drunk and made me almost pee my pants and for that I am Thankful!

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