Monday, November 12, 2012

Making His List and Checking It Twice

Sorry Santa, but I won't be on there this year and no it's not because I have been naughty. Brent and I have both gotten pretty big things this past year and have decided to not do gifts this year. I got beautiful pictures of my baby girl and Brent finally found his beloved pea coat he has wanted for 3 years. It is the little things in life for us people. We live a simple life over here at TeamD so things that most people see as everyday things are big deals for us so some pictures and a coat might not seem like something you should forego Christmas gifts for, but we are happy and that is all that matters. We also said no stockings this year, but I might have one or two things I already bought for Brent's so he will still get a little surprise. he never listens anyways so but he never listens anyways and will probably end up slippin a lil somethin somethin in my stocking.

This year the only Christmas gift I want is my Mama to be cancer free. I don't think that is too much to ask for. So Santa if you are reading this get working on that ok!


Desirae R said...

We are thinking of no gifts this year as well. We are moving soon, and I am starting up a photography studio.. so if anything.. I want props.

I think you deserve your christmas wish.

Roxanne Doyle said...

Desirae even if we were doing gifts I just couldn't think of anything I want or need this year (except the big one I asked for of course) so it makes it kind of easy. You should find a friend who knits/crochets and y'all can trade"services" (I just realized that sounded funny). That could help cut costs. I saw you pinned a bunch of baby photography on Pinterest. There are some super simple headband tutorials on there that will walk you step by step through making some cute stuff for cheap. said...

I hope you get what you want for Christmas this year! Sorry about your Mom.