Saturday, June 2, 2012

Month 10

I can't believe I can actually do a month 10 update and not be 2 months late!
This month has been insane in the membrane. I have been texting myself  updates whenever Mckinley does anything new because it seems like nowadays there is something everyday. I am not going to waste anytime by talking about how I can't believe we are only 2 months away from your first birthday because there is just too much to cover.

On to the updates.

Mobility: You are crawling and not army crawling, but crawling everywhere! We have to keep you locked in with the baby jail because if we didn't we would never get to sit down. We never get to sit down anyways, but you are just too darn fast and you get into everything. We don't usually keep you in baby jail unless you are having neked butt time or we need you out of the way for a second like when we are trying to put something in the car and you are trying to crawl out of the door. You haven't made it yet, but you sure as heck try. You are getting really good at walking around things like chairs, couches, baby jails, coffee tables, shelves, beds, you get the idea. You even like walking with your little walking toy, but you always try to go to fast and the walker gets ahead of you so we have to hold you back a little so you don't fall and smack your precious face (we will discuss that later)

Food: You eat everything! Bread, chicken, fish, pork, hummus, pasta, potato, cheese, turkey, cereal, oatmeal, quinoa, veggies, fruit, when I say everything I mean everything. You may be completely toothless, but you can gum some food like nobodies business. The only thing you don't care for, but will eat is eggs. You are still taking 3-4 formula bottles a day and you love water in the sippy cup. Now for the big news You are FINALLY feeding yourself. I thought this day would never come! Like everything else this just kind of happened over night. You are feeding yourself finger foods now and if we put the food in the spoon you will feed it to yourself.

Stella is really digging this since she gets lots of free snacks after every meal. 

 You even started holding your own sippy and bottle. This has  been life changing for mama because it is amazing the amount of stuff I can get done while you are eating. You do however love throwing your sippy over the edge of your highchair which is a great new game. There is nothing like a slobbery dog hair covered sippy.

Well we can't always get it right.

Talking: You are for sure my child because you talk ALL THE TIME! We were shocked when you said your very first word last week and now all we hear Uh- Oh each time you drop something. It is so stink in cute. Just today we added a new word to our repertoire just today. I always make you wave bye bye to Mrs. Julie when we leave and you actually said bye bye! You may not look like me, but there is no way you won't be a talker with us as your parents.

Sleeping: Sleep is hit or miss with us right now. You either sleep through the night or you go to bed early and are up 2 hours later ready to play or we are up all night. Hopefully over summer break we can get back on track because mama and daddy need some good sleep. You still like your long morning nap, but your afternoon and evening naps are hit or miss. Some days we get both in and other days it is one or the other. 

Injuries: We have now had 3 major head bumps. Daddy got the first one when you crawled right into the corner of a chair, I caught the second one when you banged your head on your cube, and I am winning the parent of the year race now that I let you jump out of your car seat (unbuckled of course) and face plant on the concrete at Heather's pool. The concrete won by the way. You were bestowed with a huge purple knot on your forehead and scratch on your cheek. You of course held your breath, but after a few seconds you were fine. You actually heal really fast and after 6 days there is only a faint shadow of a yellow bruise. 
Sadly I do not have a picture of head wound #3, but here are #1 and #2. #1 was on dad's watch and #2-#3 were on my watch. Like I always say I may not win any parent of the year awards, but we are definitely having lots of fun. #3 was definitely the worst out of all of our injuries so far. Parent's of the year we may not be, but you are still alive and happy so we aren't doing to bad of a job

 Dancing and clapping

You are such a  ray of sunshine little lady. You love having an audience and if no one is paying attention to you you let them know all about it. We laugh whenever something happens that you don't like because you actually yell at us. Especially when we tell you no or make the no sound (ah ah) you will stop what you are doing, turn to look at us whilst continuing whatever we are telling you not to do. You are already testing boundaries which scares me for our future. I can just imagine 10 or who are we kidding 5 years down the road when I ask you to do something and you look me dead in the eye and tell me NO! The only times you ever really are not super super happy is when you are tired, hungry, or need a butt change. These past 10 months have flown by and in 2 short months we will be celebrating your 1st birthday!! Cue the mama tears. Be prepared for mama to do this a lot this summer and I might be a blubbering mess on your big day, but who can blame me you are one of the most precious things God has ever created. You have brought so much joy into our lives and we can't remember what life was like before you arrived (probably a little quieter and a lot less fun).

Now let's take a look at our attempts at a 10 month picture. I remember the days when I used to have to prop you up snap a picture and grab you so your head didn't smack the side of the chair. Now I have to be even faster because you are no longer a fan of sitting and posing for mama. I have tried each month to have some sort of prop for our monthly pictures and since it is summer break we decided on sunglasses. Sadly you hate wearing sunglasses. Thankfully I can sometimes keep a hat with a strap on your head, but this is usually what happens with the sunglasses.

We finally got one good take, but what you can't see is I am holding you hands down so she can't yank them off.

And here is a little behind the scenes look at what our monthly photo session look like now. I am not sure how much longer we will get to do these, but I am hoping we can continue them eve after 1 year. We will just have to wait and see how things go, but for now this is what I am up against.


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