Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Projects

I have been scouring Pinterest for a few inspirations for our tiny house and I am now ready to make a few of my ideas come to life. I have become obsessed with the color blue recently and I have NEVER really been a fan of light blue. Navy blue yes. Light blue NO. 

My daddy was juts here yesterday measuring my poor, sad, tiny laundry room for some storage shelves (storage is crucial in this house) and while he was measuring I was thinking about what else I could do in there to liven it up. I know when you are selling a blank canvas is crucial, but we will be in this house for a while and while I am here I NEED COLOR! 

My kitchen is already a cheery color green. Our office is a brick red. Our living room has a brown accent wall. And our bedroom is a golden color, but I want MORE! I want This and I am getting it because tonight I told Brent my idea and like he always does without hesitation he said "Make it happen"!

Have I told you how much I love my husband? From cloth diapers to composting and veggie gardens my husband is always supportive of every crazy idea I throw out. Don't forget he used one of his few vetoes on chickens.

I have a few more smaller ideas I want to do to freshen up our little homestead. I found these printables 1, 2, and 3 for our bathroom. It needs a splash of color and I think these in some mismatched frames will liven it up a bit.

And last, but not least I am planning a little belated Father's Day gift for Brent. I am not sure how often he actually looks at my blog, but if he does that's ok. Sadly we don't get to travel too much, but we have been to a few pretty cool places and I think This would be a neat way to start my wall-o-stuff in our den. Speaking of our den when we start building the shelves in our laundry room I will be staining a board and adding it behind our couch to add some  depth and adventure. I don't have too many places to show off the few nick knacks I own and I would like a neat lamp for our den (I am a vampire and hate overhead lights and spend most if not all of my day in the dark while I am inside.

I am going to try to paint the laundry room next week because we will be traveling the next week (I will do a little update about traveling with cloth when we get back). and I want to be ready for shelves plus I have a ton of Birthday Party stuff to get done before the big day. Yikes I need to make a list of things to get done or finish

Birthday fabric scrap banner
Birthday crown
Trial run of smash cake
Trial run of rainbow whoopee pies
Finish month banner
Food plates
Cake plates
Paper Straws
Small cups for dip and veggies/fruit
paper flowers
Pictures for invitations
Order Invitations
Send Invitations
Smash cake monogrammed shirt

Paint laundry room
Laundry room shelves
shelf behind couch
Bathroom prints
Frames for prints
Map prints
Frame for map prints

Holy crap I have A LOT of stuff to get done. I should be able to get a few thing checked off tomorrow like the fabric banner, monthly banner (I just have to pick up a few pictures and clothespins to finish), party supplies (dollar store), Birthday crown, and paper flowers (I have all of the tissue paper in my attic just waiting to be folded). Thankfully we will be heading to my mom's tomorrow to swim and hang out so she can play with Little Lady while I work on her crown. Wish me luck and some over to drink some wine with me if you get a chance because I am going to drinking a lot until this party is over.

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