Monday, June 4, 2012

Yup It's Another Birthday Post

I have found the most precious, most perfect invitations for Mckinley's birthday bash! I have been looking for what seems like an entire year (I might have started planning before she was out of the womb) and I just couldn't find what I wanted. Her birthday doesn't really have a them, but will be a mishmash of things I have found online and on Pinterest. Everything we have collected has turned out to be tea party, girly, vintagey goodness so I guess that is the theme of Mckinley's first birthday party. Cue the most precious invitations

Find this invite Here

How stinkin cute is that invitation?!?!?! That is a pretty cute kid, but we would of course be adding in a picture of  Baby Love which will be taken by the fantastic Courtney Young. She is amazing at capturing Mckinley's true spirit so I am really looking forward to see how her 1 year pictures turn out. Now that I have that  taken care of I think I have nailed down a few other main details for the rest of the party.

Mckinley's dress was the very first thing I picked out. I knew I wanted something that she could wear not only on her birthday, but many times and since I was planning a girly, vintage, tea party themed bash I couldn't pass up this precious smocked dress from This and That for Kids

I wanted something else for her to wear while she was eating her cake and a good friend of mine just so happens to do monogramming and embroidering and she will be creating a shirt, bib, and possibly bloomers for Baby Girl to wear.

Find this shirt Here

For the decorations we already purchased a whole bunch of stuff (most everything we found at Goodwill) and everything else we will be making. My MIL happens to be very crafty and will be making some super cute pennants and signs and she has already created these super cool pom pom balls made from cupcake liners. Can you believe what you can make with cupcake liners? Ours are even prettier because they are a little darker pink with a little white which gives them a  really neat textured look.

This idea found Here

These next pictures are my inspiration pictures found Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here

I am in love with the baby's breath

I want to do something like this behind Mckinley's white vintage highchair

We have all different quilts to use as table cloths

I have been taking monthly pictures and plan on creating something similar to this

I love these super cute straws and cups and will be using some of these to serve food.

I am planning on throwing this shindig at 2:00 so we won't be doing major food, but we will have some treats. I love the idea of veggies with ranch and fruit with cream cheese fluff in individual cups. The fruit I will pre skewer on toothpicks. I thought this would be a cute and easier way for people to grab and go.

This idea found Here

 and I really want to make soft rainbow colored whoopee pies

 Last, but not least are the cakes. One for the grown up to enjoy and one for Mckinley to smash.  For the main cakeI wanted something of course vintagey and I found this one that looks like it is covered in vintage buttons.

And for Mckinley's smash cake a very small light pink rose covered cake. 

I made a collage of some of my pictures to see what everything might look like together and I really like how it all looks.

I really need to sit down and really get everything together. I know all of this is really more for me then for Kinley, but I want her to be able to look back someday and say "My parent's must really love me because they threw me a kick ass first birthday party." Sadly she will probably look back and say "Dang my mom had WAY too much time on her hands and was on Pinterest WAY too much." I just want this day to be special for her and as long as there is good food and good friends it will be perfect for me her.

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