Thursday, June 7, 2012

Suck It

Today sucked. This week sucks. This month sucks. 2012 kind of sucks. How sad is it that I am ready for this year to be over and it is only June. I know my posts are usually la di da, but I just don't have la di da in me today. I am sad and I cried A LOT today in front of A LOT of people.

The only good thing that occurred today was meeting Brandi DeLisi and getting some pictures taken of my precious girl. This made me even more excited for her 1 year pictures with Courtney Young coming up very soon. Besides my husband being absolutely amazing as usual (who has their own personal live in mental health counselor and lord knows I need my own mental health counselor) this day just plain sucked. 

This however did make me a teensy bit happier today. My girl loves her some lamb chop (not the food, but her stuffed lambie)

Man her hair looks really dark in this picture. Maybe she will be a brunette like her mama. She didn't get anything else from me (except her sparkling personality and extreme loud mouth).


Hayley said...

I hope you have a nicer day tomorrow!! :)

Roxanne said...

You and me both kid. Miss you