Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tonight was supposed to be a fun night where I could just let go and just have fun. Don't get me wrong it was fun and we got to spend some time with some of my favorite people. We dropped baby girl off at Car Car and Nonni's and we headed out to Italian Fest. We got to spend some time with very good friends, eat some yummy food, and just forget about our responsibilities for a while. Sadly that didn't last long. Tonight we lost one of the good ones. We should all be jealous because she is in Heaven looking down on us. She is the lucky one. No more pain. No more wondering what comes next. She is teaching all of the Angels how to write their letters and square dance. We should all be thankful that we got to spend a little time with her. I could say it's not fair and why her, but we just never know what life will throw in our direction. Life is funny like that. Everything is going all straight line like and then there is a zig and a zag thrown in. 

I cried a lot tonight. My eyes hurt, my head hurts, and I am physically and emotionally run down. I need a little God in my life tomorrow and I am hoping he can help me sort out all of this junk running through my head. 

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