Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lake Life

I am at my happy place right now. My parent's have an awesome lake house about an hour away from Memphis and when my mom mentioned she was coming up here I said well I will just pack the little lady up and join y'all! 

There is however no way to pack light when you are traveling with a small child or if there is I have not masters this mama skill just yet. I honestly don' think we did too bad. My main problem with packing for a trip, packing a diaper bag, packing a purse, packing my etcher bag is I want to be prepared for anything and everything so I tend to over pack. I can honestly say we have been very thankful many many times for my slight OCD.

We had to borrow a pack n play (not pictured) from MIL and FIL. I am regretting never getting one because we have needed it several times and it would be nice to have somewhere for Mckinley to play while I clean, vacuum, craft, exercise. and I am hoping we can pick one up at one of the upcoming consignment sales.

We packed the usual stuff in our Kinley/mama black bag like clothes, pajamas, toiletries, undergarments, Chacos, noise machine, singing puppy. Then we needed the swim bag because I was too lazy to search through that mess and pull out my suit, baby girl's suit, her swim diapers, sunscreen, and our hats. Next we have the bag of random stuff we have found ourselves needing several random times whilst we have been out of town like the nose sucker thingy, baby Tylenol, baby thermometer, baby Advil (just in case baby girl get sick and this has happened before and if you have ever had a sick baby while away from home you know it can be absolutely miserable, toys (because when you go to a house that does not contain any toys you must bring your own because a bored baby equals sad grownups). We brought the fold up blanket because it always comes in handy no mater where we go. We have already used it on the boat to create a little play area for the little. She was happy for 2 hours in her little aquatic playpen and mom and Debbie got to catch some nasty fish. We have a small bag to carry the bottles and a larger lunch bag to carry all of Kinley's food. She could eat whatever we are eating, but it is better to be safe then sorry when you are traveling with littles. Last, but not least we have the diaper bag and when you are traveling with cloth diapers you need to be ready for anything. Luckily we have a washer and dryer up here so we could was if we needed (I always carry cloth safe detergent in my toiletry bag). We have a ton of inserts and covers and 2 wet bags, plus cloth wipes and cloth wipe solution, coconut oil, liners and butt cream just in case we ever need it, a changing pad, an extra outfit that always stays in there.

I don't think that is too much stuff for an overnight trip and thankfully we didn't use most of the stuff we brought, but if we needed it we had it.

 Our nanny and baby girl's new favorite person

Just doing some light reading.

What can I say the girl loves some Sangria and no you don't need to call CPS she didn't really drink any.

Storms a brewin

Loving some giant moose.

Fluffy bum

Bathing beauty.

Boat beauty

Lovin the lake life 

This wasn't our first time to travel with the little and we will really get to test our traveling skills in a few weeks when we head to the beach for  a week. We will have a washer and dryer in our condo and we are planning on taking our cloth with us. I asked Brent what he wanted to do and he was very adamant that as long as we can we will use our cloth. I think he actually missed it those few weeks we were in disposables. There is nothing like a good ole fluffy bum.

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