Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mama Mia

I don't think I ever did a Mother's Day post so let's rewind and go back a few weeks.

It was absolutely 100% perfect! I had previously told my sweet husband that I didn't want anything for Mother's Day except a new hard drive for our busted up computer. He did however deliver with a precious card with a precious hand print from my Baby Love. We had planned to all get together at my parent's house with my family and Brent's parents, but sadly only Brent's dad got to join because Brent's mom went to be with her mother because of some sad family news. The day just wasn't the same without her, but we got to give her her gifts a few days later.

I really like making gifts whenever I can think of something good to make so I decided to make special necklaces for the grand mamas. I made an imprint of Mckinley's tiny finger for one charm and I found some really neat picture lockets for another charm.

We had a delicious lunch and opened our gift from my Dad and sister

An awesome beach cart for all of the junk we will be transporting from the condo to the beach! 
We all got to spend the day together and we of course took a ton of pictures of the little lady.

This Little Lady is the only gift I needed for my first Mother's Day


Greetings from Texas! said...

Can I come to the beach with you? That sounds awesome! Thanks.

Roxanne said...

I think you and I would have too much fun lady! Come on!