Sunday, December 23, 2012

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you use cloth diapers your baby will probably get a yeast rash at least once?
Mckinley has actually spent the last 2 months in disposables because she was having constant diaper rash and we thought it was because of her teeth coming in, but come to find out it was a yeast rash. Thankfully we haven't had to smell a disposable diaper in over a month and Mckinley's bottom looks better then it ever has.

That is all because I have learned the absolute best, fast, and easiest way to get rid of the yeast!

We tried bleach before and it worked, but I really don't like bleach to begin with and I was so afraid it would screw up all of my diapers sow e won't be doing that again. Thankfully I have a group of lovely ladies who I can go to with any and all cloth questions and they suggested trying Grapefruit Seed Extract which I found at Whole Foods because that is always my first place to look for anything cloth diaper related. I may not shop for food there because I feel like I am entering Narnia, but anything baby bottom related I rush right over. The bottle I got was roughly $14 and has lasted forever and has been worth every penny spent.

For my first load of yeastey diapers I added 70 drops and now each time I was I add 10-20 drops. From my research I have found that GSE is a natural antimicrobial which kill or inhibit bacteria, fungi, etc. You can also use it internally and externally for many things that I have not attempted just yet, but might try in the near future.

All I know is it works and it is natural so winner winner chicken dinner. 

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