Friday, December 21, 2012

To Potty or Not To Potty that Is The Question

This whole potty training thing is throwing me for a loop! I wasn't ready for this! I didn't think it would start this early! My BABY isn't ready for this!! Or maybe mama is not ready for this. Either way I never thought this would be happening so soon.

Ever since she started telling us she pooped I kept telling Brent we should get a potty just to keep around so she could get used to seeing it when she was ready to start using it. I never imagined she would actually use it the day we brought it home! And I never thought she would be pooping in the darn thing (I warned you there would be some poo posts) I can honestly say #2 is way easier because there are so many warning signs when she needs to go. Many of you may know we use cloth diapers and I have heard from many cloth mama's that potty training cloth babies is easier because they can actually feel the wetness of the diaper meaning they realize when they are wet and I truly believe this now. 

She loves sitting on the potty and gets so excited to go and she even has her little routine down. Go potty, wipe, flush. We wipe every time she sits even if she doesn't go just to stay in the routine, but she really gets it and yes she wipes all by herself and it is hilarious to see this little tiny peanut doing such a grownup thing. 

We have tried wearing panties a few times, but neither of us are quite ready for that just yet. I think once she realizes what the urge to go feels like we can move on to panties, but until then I am thinking about getting some sort of trainers. Maybe some of these Best Bottom Trainers since we already have the inserts.

We might even try something a little different to see what we like and works best for us. Just like cloth diaper options there are so many trainer options to consider. There are trainers with side snaps, flexible panels to make it easier to pull up and down, and then there are regular ole cloth trainers. I will of course be searching Diaper Swappers and Spots Corner for better prices and if experience has taught me anything the older and more loved a cloth diaper the more absorbent they become which I am hoping goes for trainers too.

For now we will just stick with our Froggy Potty

I wasn't planning on buying one of each, but once I realized someone thought jumping up off of the potty half neked to run around the house and peeing on the floor was an awesome game I decided I needed something she couldn't get off of without some awesome acrobatics. I have also found this seat is travel friendly and I like that it is a hard plastic which is much easier to clean than those squishy seats. They may be a little more comfortable, but all I saw was a cute colorful germ farm. We took this seat with us yesterday to my parents house and my mom has taken it with her today. Yes you heard that right my mom is feeling so good she came by and picked up Mckinley and took her to her house so I can clean. I am afraid she is going to wear herself out, but she is kind of stubborn (wonder where I get it from) and demanded to take her and her overnight things just in case they decided to keep her.

We are so so lucky to have such amazing grandparents for our little lady. We are also so lucky that everyone is here and well this Christmas and that is the only gift I need this year well that and maybe a potty trained munchkin. I doubt she will be completely trained so fast, but a mama can dream can't she?? I guess we need to jump back on the getting rid of the paci train now that we aren't out of town. I have already cut of the tips of each paci and they barely have any suction, but she still wants the darn thing to fall asleep. I keep telling myself one milestone at a time and I would rather have pooing on the potty over no paci any day.

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Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I used the Froggy Potty when my 5 year old was training, along with the toilet seat insert. Worked perfectly. I just started to introduce the potty to my 16 month old. Good luck!!!