Monday, December 17, 2012

So Much To Say

I have 3 product reviewsd to get to, but life has kind of gotten in the way. This week I took an unintentional break from blogging and the internet. We went out of town this weekend which accounted for a lot of that time and preparing to go out of time took up the rest of that time.
I have 3 AWESOME products to rave about and these are products I searched out for myself and not products someone sent me stuff just because they wanted someone to just say how awesome it is. These are 3 companies and products I really love.
Before we get started why don't you skip on over to Anna & Eve, Squooshi, &
Sibu Beauty and check them out. I want to give each company/product equal love which will take some time and thankfully Christmas break starts this week which will give me plenty of nap times to write write write!
 I do plan on spending almost all other Christmas break time on potty training with big girl panties and all so please say a littl prayer for me that it continues to go as smooth and easy as it has been. Like I have said before I am flying by the seat of my pants through this whole parenting thing and I in no way expect my next child to be as easy as Mckinley has been. There is no way we could get so lucky twice. Please do not ask me for any potty training advice because I have no clue what I am doing. Basically we bought a potty for fun because the kitten started telling us when she pooped well she would say "I pooped"  and go stiff and 5 ut of the 20 times she actually had gone. the other times I think she needed to go which is now my cue to take her to the potty. So here are my steps to potty training: Purchased a potty that looks like a frog, sing silly songs,  dance like a freak and get way too excited about poop. Yes poop and I fully expect my next few posts will be about bowel movements.
Welcome to the world of a potty training toddler Mama! You are welcome!

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