Monday, December 10, 2012

PreK Days {Mr. C and The Carnival/Circus}

{Weekly Wrap Up}
Once again I am late, but I am catching up quite nicely. Last week we met Mr. C and learned all about the Circus/Carnival. It was such a fun week and we topped it off with our very own Classroom Circus with Tight Rope Walking and a 3 Ring Bean Bag Toss.

We matched uppercase elephants with the lowercase letters on the peanuts

We made Cat C's

We colored circus animals, cut them out, and glued them on the correct ring with the matching number

Counted clowns and circled the correct number

We even made a Circus Mural which I keep forgetting to take pictures of, but if this little horse is any indication of how cute it turned out you my friends are in for a treat!!

I couldn't remember to turn my lesson in after 5 trys of carrying it around the school on different errands and now that I think about it I am honestly not sure if I ever actually turned it in. Thankfully the people I work for already know I am a little crazy so I think they expect it now.

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