Monday, December 10, 2012

PreK Days {Mrs. T & Transportation}

{Weekly Wrap up}

Once again I am behind and trying to catch up. This post should have been finished 3 weeks ago, but you know how life goes and some days life is just more important then blogging. So now we are meeting  Mrs. T and learning about transportation just a few weeks late.

We made Shape Buses and then had each student try to write the word BUS (My Brain) 

Made boats that really rock (My Brain). Each student painted a paper plate blue and after it dried we folded it in half. Next they cut out the brown bottom of the boat then cut out and colored the sail. I glued the bottom of the boat and sail onto the popsicle sticks and on to the folded paper plate (open side down) because we start running out of time before we had to head off to specials.

and Advent Wreaths because the first Sunday of Advent was December 2
We actually didn't get to do 2 of our activities because we had to practice all of our safety drills and one of our religion lessons ran way over, but some days you just cant do it all and if you can't roll with the punches you will get eaten alive by 4 year olds.

For jobs the week we:
Counted Train Cars (My Brain)
Spelled Our Names With Trains Cars (My Brain)
And Made Tractor T's

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