Monday, December 3, 2012

I Confess

Alright you got me! I confess!
I have absolutely NO will power when it comes to food. I LOVE food. I love salty food, sweet food, savory food, Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food. I LOVE FOOD! I can not turn down a sweet and I live to eat. I love healthy food and junk food even though I try to stay away from the junk food except at school because there are always cupcakes! 

I am currently looking into potties for my almost 1 and 1/2 year old and for some reason the thought of dumping pee and poo out of it grosses me out and this is strange because we use cloth diapers and I dump crap several times a day and it doesn't even phase me. For some reason the thought if dumping a potty crap cup just makes me want to hurl.

I must eat certain things in even number (candy) and volumes must almost always be on even numbers. Especially the radio. Odd numbers are just not ok. This is why I married a licensed counselor.
I live for blow drying my hair. It's relaxing. I can read a few pages in my Sookie book. I can't hear anything going on in the house and if i can't hear it it is Daddy's problem.
I don't understand and dislike anything with a mustache on it. I don't get it and it makes me angry. Along those lines I don't understand all of the nail art. I would pick it off in 5 seconds anyways.
I think I have a broken tooth, but don't want to go to the dentist (someone make me go before I need another crown)
Tonight I will leave the den a mess because my child decided to literally throw every toy out of her 2 boxes. I feel like this will protect us form anyone who tries to break in. They will definitely break at least 1 ankle before they make it to us. Tomorrow I am going to go through all of her toys and give a bunch away.  
Nothing too juicy and pretty lame for a Monday night.

3 comments: said...

I don't get nail art either... :)

MommaBBabyboy said...

I TOTALLY get what you mean about the potty thing! Daniel doesn't like his but he tried on one at my Mum's earlier and it grossed me out!! Crazy?

Steph K. said...

The number thing? You are not alone in your maddness. I do that too!