Friday, December 21, 2012

New Year New Do

I am going short people! I just called and booked my hair appointment with Leslie to get all of my hair chopped off the 28th!!!!! I am SO excited and now that I went pretty short this past summer for Pantene's Great Lengths I don't think I will be as scared this time. I already have my outfit picked out for whatever we plan to do for New Years and I know having a new short and sassy hair cut will make it even better! 

June 2012 short with bangs

I am ready for something different and even shorter then last time. I have been pinning pictures on Pinterest for quite some time now and I think it is time to decided which one I like the best. I of course made a collage of some of my favorites, but the funny thing is most of them aren't as short as I have been thinking about going. Here they are in no certain order.

I edited a few out since my initial post and added 1 or 2 new ones in. I still have no clue which one I am going to go with, but my hairdresser will think I am insane if I show up with this many ideas so I need to do some more editing before next Friday.

I am of course scared to be going so short, but I know it is just hair and it will grow back.
 I can't wait to start 2013 so fresh and so clean clean!!


Steph K. said...

I love all those cuts! I so want a shorter do but I'm chicken. Every time I get a sassy cut it is never the same as the salon!

Mrs. K said...

I like all of these cuts as well, but I think that either #7 or #9 would really suit you! Be sure you take an after pic for us of your new do. =)

Anonymous said...

Ran across your blog doing a search. You should add a couple pins of a recent Anne Hathaway. What a way to rock in the new year! Good luck whatever you DO.