Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Live To Eat or Eat To Live

It took me about a year, but I finally got back to my pre Mckinley weight and on a good day I am even below that weight. I have gotten here by trying to eat healthy, but If I am honest with myself  haven't done very good. I have basically eaten everything sweet I could get my hands on, but I think the stress of everything going on with mom has magically eaten away those calories. This amazes me because losing weight isn't very easy for me and I have to work out to actually lose weight and lord knows I have not been doing that until just recently.

Now that I am running again I want to start watching what I eat by following Weight Watchers again. I think if I do both together I can really get my body back in shape. I was going to start yesterday until I ate a piece of strawberry cake and a glazed jelly filled donut  I am now saying that was my last hoorah before my diet truly began and I am starting all over again today.

I talked to a friend yesterday who had started the Paleo diet and I decided that just was not for me. Seeing as how I just ate a few pieces of cheese I wouldn't last very long on a no carb, no dairy, no sugar diet. I figure if I lost 15 pounds on WW then I can do it again! I will be following WW on my own and I will be using the old point system since I refuse to pay $ for the new books. I get 30 points a day to eat plus 35 weekly extra flex points which is a ton of food. I will also earn extra points when I exercise. If you haven't ever done weight watchers you may not understand what all that means. Basically every food has a number assigned to it and you add your points up through out the day and you try to stay under or at your daily allotted points.

I think I am going to set my goal at 5 pounds for right now. I am not really looking to lose weight as much as I am looking to strengthen my body and tighten certain areas up and if I lose a few pounds in the process then so be it. I have not done very well writing down all of my points so I figured I could blog about it. I will log my weekly workout and what I ate and maybe the shame of putting it on the internet will help me have some will power and not eat a cupcake every time we have a birthday. I think I will make Saturdays my normal day or cheat day and since it is usually the day Brent and I have our date nights I can use some of my extra points to splurge.Now that we decided to each plan a date night once a month I can just plan around that. I will try to stick to my diet over Christmas with an exception of a few treats since life would  be oh so boring without a treat once in a while.

 I do plan on running today if it warms up a bit if not I will go ahead and run to Babies R Us for a stroller cover and Little Lady and I can get out tomorrow.

{Weekly Workouts}
Saturday December ~11.87 mile run  
Monday December 3~ 1.5 mile run with jogging stroller and 22 pound child

{What I Ate 12-5-12}
Breakfast- Plain oatmeal with a smidge of butter, a dash of milk, and a dash of splenda 3 points
Coffee with creamer and splenda
Snack-6 slices of cheddar cheese 3 points
Lunch-Spinach and Cheese Stuffed 7 points
Snack- Popcorn 4 point
Grapes 1 Point
Dinner- Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry 5 points
Water-40 oz. with sugar free fruit punch 0 points
 Dessert- Chocolate PB2 Strawberry Banana Smoothie 4 Points

Daily Total- 27 points
Activity Points Earned Today- 0

All in all I think Day 1 of Weight Watchers was a success. I am full, happy and healthy!

Mckinley says Good Job Mama!

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