Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting Healthy

{Weekly Workouts}
Saturday December ~11.87 mile run  
Monday December 3~ 1.5 mile run with jogging stroller and 22 pound child Activity Points earned 4
Thursday December 6- Cleaned House Activity Points earned 1 (yup that counts)

{What I Ate 12-6-12}

Breakfast- Coffee with creamer and Splenda 0 Points
Cream Of Wheat with a dash of Milk and Splenda 2 Points
Snack-2 slices of cheddar cheese 2 points
2 Milton's Crackers 2 Points
Lunch- BBQ Sandwich  9 Points
BBQ Beans 2 Points
 5 Tater Tots 2 Points 
2 Orange Slices 0 Points
Snack1 Clementines .5 Point
Snack- Grapes 1 Point
Dinner- Taco Soup 2 Points
sour cream 1 Points 
 20 baked Tostitos 2 Points 
Water-40 oz. with sugar free fruit punch 0 points

Daily Total- 26 points
Activity Points Earned Today- 1

I actually had something else planned for my lunch, but that did not pan out and I ended up buying lunch at school all while staying  within my daily allotted points (pat on back).

Day 2 in the books and tomorrow I go to pick up my race packet for the Ugly Sweater Run Saturday!! SO stinkin excited that that will be my first race after not running for almost 2 years.

And to top it all off how about a hallway fit throw down! The Terrible 2's are going to be a blast!

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Kellye said...

I am so proud of you :) I was trying to get prepared this whole time before surgery by busting my butt in the gym, BUT the sinus infection took over... so after surgery a week from now, its gonna be a struggle to not gain weight without working out any!