Monday, December 3, 2012

Push It Real Good

1 & 1/2 miles with a stroller really counts as 3 right??
I now wish I hadn't eaten those 2 mini butterfingers! 
I think I might restart my weight watcher tomorrow. Anyone wanna do it with me?? 
I have a new running buddy now all I need is a don't eat that buddy.

I have missed you my friends


Mrs. K said...

Woohoo for getting back in the game! I ran 3.5 miles today & it felt great. =) I would definitely be your "don't eat that" buddy if we lived closer. I think I need one as well. =(

Roxanne Doyle said...

Thanks friend! My goal right now is to get back to at least a consistent 5 miles! I think I can easily build from that! Good job on 3.5!