Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pre K Days {Thanksgiving}

{Weekly Wrap up}

I am so behind on life right now! I haven't been getting all of my stuff done ahead of time and I don't like it!! Life is so much easier and you have so much more time if you are prepared and I intend to get back on top of the game.
I just relized I never posted our activities and crafts from Thanksgiving week. We were crazy busy trying to get everything ready for the following week in 2 days that I am not even sure if I snapped pictures of everything.
We didn't have jovbs this week since we only had 2 days we all completed the same activities at the same time which was a bit chaotic, but we got it done.

First I am going to start with the Precious cookies my Awesome Room Mom made. They were adorable and delicious!

We made a Turkey Glyph

A Turkey Hat


And did some Turkey Math

Happy Thanksgiving!

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