Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Ok I shall explain this post title. Ever since I found out I was pregnant all I could think about was Christmas. No not the presents or the cute outfits baby would wear. That is not what got me all excited. It is the anticipation of trying to decide what we will do for our Christmas pictures. Let me give you a few examples from previous years. Now that we will have a new addition to our pictures the possibilities are endless. I was thinking maybe we could try something like this I am sure Brent would really agree to pose for this one and Jennifer would LOVE taking our pictures for us this year. We could go with the family onesies since we have been know to love a good onesie and baby would be comfortable. Then there is the Winnie The Pooh option. These could be hotter then the Santa onesies and I am not sure if baby girl will like a full on costume (I am not sure if Daddy will like a full on Eeyore costume) Now this could be one of my favorite options. I am not sure where I could find the plastic fur lined Mrs. Clause outfit, but I am sure I could find something similar on Ebay. Last but not least is the tropical option. Brent and I aren't really beach people and I am not sure if I could get my post baby body prepared by Christmas time, but I sure would try if Brent would agree to wear a strategically placed leaf. I know I have a few months until baby girl gets here and a few months before Christmas cards need to be sent out, but I just can't help myself. There are so many possibilities now that I will have a new victim...... I mean addition this year.


Mrs. K said...

bahahaha OMG! Your Christmas pics always cracked me up. Can't wait to see what you guys will come up with this year. =)

Kristin said...

Girl,i was laughing at loud at those pics! Get me on your Xmas list!!!

Melissa McMommy said...

Omg, that leaf picture is so inappropriate, lol! Those poor kids. I can't imagine posing with my parents like that.