Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm A Big Kid Now (Well Hopefully Someday)

I know I am a "Grownup" and about to have a child of my own, but I honestly don't know what I would do without my Parents. I pray that someday I can do for my children even more then when what my parents have done for me (I am not sure if that is actually possible).

I know how lucky I am because I have been given everything I have and haven't ever asked for (mind you I don't ask fo much. My parents are just those kind of people. They give to everyone around them especially their 2 girls (and those that tag along with us like husbands. I am not sure if my sister and I have ever really had to ask for anything. It is like they are psychics that know whenever we are in need. I feel like I have this invisible safety net always there to catch me.

The husband and I work really hard, but no matter how long we work or what we do we shall never be rich. Now we are totally 100% ok with this. Hubs may not love what he does right now, but he is working pretty darn hard to get to his end goal. I on the other hand LOVE what I do and actually want to go to work each day. Loving what you do however doesn't pay the bills (well it pays most of them), but those extra things like say broken pipes and taxes can really throw a kink in things.  We already have a tab for the aformentioned pipes that we may be adding a few more bucks too. I am very proud of us for having so much already saved up so we can pay most of it off, but this depletes our savings once again.

So that is where we are right now. Working on saving money to pay off our extremely rediculous taxes we owe this year (don't worry people we have everything figured out now and with baby girl coming we may get an even bigger break praise the Lord). But we would not be able to pay everything in full which would result in penalties and even more being owed. Dun Dun Dun Dun In Swoops Super Daddy. We may be getting a little bit of help from Big Pappa this year (and hopefully never again for this reason). We might already have a payment plan in the works with the big man from a previous mishap. It seems like it takes so long to build it up again, but we can do it I have faith in Team Doyle.

After all of this we will of course be working really hard to pay off Brent's school balances, baby girls arrival, and anything we owe to Big Pappa (thank goodness he doesn't charge interest). The biggest blessing is after this summer we will not be adding anymore school expenses to this total and we can really start paying everything off. That will be a strange feeling, but a darn good one.

This wasn't meant to be a feel sorry for Brent and Roxanne it is a Hip Hip Hooray for the most Amazing Daddy in the world! So here's to you Big Pappa. We shall pay you back someday(hopefully sooner then later). My goal is by New Years 2012.

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