Saturday, March 5, 2011

Check, Check, Check 1 2

I had my appointment with the High risk OB yesterday and it went great. Mom came with me since Brent couldn't go (poor guy. He will not feel ok until little girl gets here). Mom and I waited forever after filling out a bunch of paper work and moving into waiting room #2. I got weighed and once again oh happy day peed into a cup (I am very good at this procedure after almost a year of TTGP and now actually being pregnant). I don't think they actually do anything with the pee I think they just like making you do it. We waited, and talked, and looked at baby shower cakes, and knitted, and waited. Finally they called us back and we went into quite a large room with an ultra sound machine and a flat screen tv. The best part was the reclining chair and warmed gel. I felt like I was upgraded to business class on a long flight. The ultrasound tech was awesome and she showed us all kinds of things about baby love. I had mentioned we really didn't get a good picture of her girl/boy parts last time and we wanted to make sure she was really a she so she checked again for us and confirmed baby girl can keep her name and we can buy all the pink we want. Shock and surprise our child was very uncooperative (She is my child what do you expect) and was once again in an awkward position, legs over head and now her hands were over her head. And of course once again she was napping. I keep trying to tell them I need an earlier appointment or a later appointment because between 11-2 she is sleeping. They of course never have an opening so we have to resort to poking and prodding baby girl to get her to move. So they measured all of her important bits, legs, arms, spine, skull, heart, and then the fluid around her kidneys and the measurement was even smaller then last time. When they first measured they had told us 7mm. On her first measurement yesterday she said it was measuring 5mm, but when she found a better angle she measured it at 3 mm. She even showed us a 4D image of baby girl. I think my favorite part was when little lady was sticking her tongue out and putting her fingers in her mouth. I wasn't worried before and now I am even less worried after speaking with the awesome Dr. Schneider (I love this man he is really entertaining and nice). Even if Mckinley still had fluid on her kidneys it wouldn't be a big deal and it is getting smaller everyday so I know by March 30 when I have to go back for my double Dr. appointments (yeah that means 4 hours of sitting in waiting rooms) they won't be able to see anything. I am just excited we will get better pictures and hopefully Brent will get to see baby girl again (run on sentence complete). Her Perfect Profile
Sucking Her Thumb
Sticking Out Her Tongue
Putting Her Finger In Her Mouth
Now today was the BIG day. Mom and I went and picked out the fabric for baby girls room.
These are the fabrics, but I won't tell you just yet where each one will go. You will just have to wait for the finished product. Don't worry there will be tons of pictures and we should be done hopefully around spring break. So now we are just trying to desensitize Brent from all of the pink which will be on the walls, bed, and curtains. Once baby girl gets here he won't mind, but right now I think he is still in shock.
The best part of my day was hearing Brent had gone to the Tiger Bookstore to see if he could find the tiniest Memphis cheerleading uniform. This is why I know he is so excited about baby girl. I already knew he was excited, but this just seals the deal.

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