Sunday, March 27, 2011

Falling Behind

I feel like a bad mommy. I have fallen behind on my weekly bump updates. Week 22 is almost and I can't believe I will be 23 weeks tomorrow. That means about 17 more weeks for baby girl to bake. I still feel like there is so much to do, but I feel like I have gotten a lot done already. I have prepped all of our diapers so far, I have washed all of the clothes our friends have given us, the nursery will hopefully be complete after my mom returns from the beach (wish I was with her right now). We still need to clear out space in the bathroom closet and kitchen cabinet to store all of the stuff.

There is one thing I have gotten done. I decided to make baby girl another hat and I was going to make my usual rolled brim hat with the lambie lovey I made (that will be my next adventure), but I found the cutest easiest knit pattern. I of course screwed it up a few times and had to start over. I thought I was doing really good until I got to the end and realized I had literally been making up my own pattern, but it actually turned out pretty stinking cute. I learned a bunch of knew knitting terms like knitting back, purling 2 together, and I learned how to use double pointed needles. I was going to take a kntting class this summer, but I think I can save myself some time adn money just watching youtube and figuring it out on my own. I did screw up the top of the hat, but there are many messes that can be hidden inside so it still turned out pretty darn good. I think this will be baby girls coming home hat. I think it will look pretty cute with whatever adorable outfit my mom comes up with to bring baby girl home in.
I just made 1 other little ribbed baby beanie, but now I am too tired too add a picture. Maybe tomorrow.

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