Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wednesday To Do's

Tomorrow is my followup with Dr. Schneider to check the fluid on baby girls kidneys. I actually have double appointments tomorrow. One with Dr. Schneider and 1 with my regular Dr. I knew I would already be at the hospital and they wanted to see me around the same time so I made them for the same day. This will equal a really super fun LONG day for mommy. Brent is getting to meet me this time to see baby girl so hopefully we will get some good news that the fluid has gone away or gotten much smaller.

Since I will be at the Dr. all afternoon I decided to take the entire day off from work so I will have some time tomorrow morning before my appointments to get some stuff done so I am making myself a mommy to do list.

So here it is:
send letter to IRS to start payment plan for what we owe (we shall always be in debt tear)
rehang vent in baby girls room
put all tools, painting supplies, etc. away in shed (neatly)
dispose of all used paint cans and supplies
put away laundry
clean bathroom
clean kitchen sweep and mop
take apart end tables and put in attic
drop off books at bookstore
move weights into office
file paper work
Hopefully I can get at least half of this done Before I leave for the doctor.

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