Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blasts From The Past

Today I found the most AMAZING website called Like Totally 80's. It is a website all about toys from the shock and surprise, 80's. I started scrolling down and realized I was quite possibly spoiled as a little girl because I had way to many of the toys listed. A few (perhaps many) examples of some of the toys listed that I (or my sister) actually owned.
Let's start with Rainbow Bright. I believe I had Rainbow Bright herself of course, I know I had the horse, some red headed boy, and one of the little star bright guys.
There is some story about an adorable little girl maybe named Roxanne that got a Glow Worm one year who may have thrown a fit because she wanted a My Little Pony.
I know I had at least 1 Strawberry Shortcake Doll who actually smelled like strawberries. I remember being afraid to play with her for a while because I saw something on tv about some Strawberry Shortcake dolls being poisonous (I think it was something about the paint from China).
I might still own a green winking Care Bear and Maybe a little yellow Popple (my big sister had the Big Pink one).
My sister and I owned 1 He-man and 1 Skeletor action figure. they were awesome because they had these things in their bellies that flipped.
I know between the 2 of us my sister and I had 1 or 2 of the big dogs, 1 large cat, and at least 1 smaller cat and dog.
And the piece de resistance The My Little Ponies! You can probably tell from my earlier story about the Gloworm I kind of liked My Little Ponies and I totally had the pink castle.
Now for things I may or may not have had. I have this strange affliction called a horrible memory and sometimes I have a difficult time remembering things that happened in the past. For example if asked I could not tell you any teacher I have ever had, I have a very hard time remembering dates so if I have ever forgot to call you on your birthday I promise I probably felt absolutely horrible, but dates just don't stick in the ole noggin for some reason, and don't get mad at me if you ask me to do something next weekend because even if it is written down on 2 calendars and entered into my phone more then likely I will forget. And no people these are not excuses for me being forgetful I truly honestly have the worlds worst memory and being pregnant has exacerbated it x 1000000000000.
Now onto the toys I may or may not have had. This my friends is called the My Child and I think I might have had one of these. Possibly the first one pictured.
I think I might have had one of these Smooshies (the bunny?)
Now one to things I wanted! I think I rode one of these Roller Racers once and I have wanted one ever since and I still want one (the pregnant belly might not allow for any Roller Racer riding right now, but give me a few months!)
The Wuzzles and Fluppy Dogs. I watched these cartoons religiously and if I knew they had stuffed animals that went along with them I definitely would have had them.
My sister had a Pogo Ball, but I liked to use it sometimes too (I probably never asked her if I could use it).

Last, but not least poor Teddy Ruxpin. We never had one of these, but a friend did and all I can remember is how creepy Teddy was when he got really old and he would talk in a very slow creepy scary voice. I never wanted one after I heard the demon's voice come out of him.
Man this website really brings back memories. I really needed this today too. Between reminiscing,my daffodils finally sprouting, and a great dinner with great ladies I guess this super cruddy day has ended on a pretty good note.


MillerMama said...

Ah, memories! I loved that pony castle! (And the red-haired Rainbow Brite guy was Red Butler, btw. I used to bake sand cakes for him in my sandbox. haha)

Roxanne said...

I totally remember him now!! I actually found this website on TTGP. One of the girls posted about Skipit and the Pogo Ball. I didn't have a skipit, but I totally wanted one!