Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shotguns and Pigtails

Is what I for see in our near future. Brent is already talking about building a moat around our house. And yes if you don't already know............................. WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!! I had a feeling, but to know for sure (no thanks to baby love who had her legs crossed), but to have it confirmed is insane. This child will have more clothes then my entire classroom of girls put together. I am sure as I am typing my mother is already out shopping (It is 9am and stores are open) Be afraid people be very afraid. All I can think about it how I will do her hair and what kind of cute pink hats with flowers I will make and Brent is thinking about boys and weddings. I am so in love with this baby girl already I can't imagine what it will feel like when she is actually here. Yesterday was our ultrasound and at first baby girl was not cooperating. She had her legs crossed and was sleeping. The ultrasound lady, we'll call her Carol, measured everything and showed us everything and then she said "Well, I can tell what it is, but I want to show you if I can get a good picture." Well I couldn't tell whet she was pointing at, but then she said "Alright are ya'll ready?" Of course we are ready just tell us! It's a GIRL! She actually said "She's a she she! What. OK whatever. Brent and I just looked at each other and laughed and said we knew it. So after measuring everything and checking for 2 kidneys and 4 chambers in the heart they cleaned me up sent me off with a cup (my favorite part) and then we had to wait another 30 minutes for the Dr. Finally when she came in she said everything measured perfect, but they did see a tiny bit of fluid on the kidneys. Dr. Williams said she has seen this many times and it has never turned out to be anything it probably just means Mckinley's (holy crap I get to call her buy her name) kidneys are underdeveloped (well yes because she is only 19 weeks), but she is referring me to the high risk ob for another ultrasound. Now I am not worried about this at all. Dr. Williams is very straight forward and I trust her very much. I am just excited to have an extra ultrasound and I of course immediately called my insurance to make sure it was covered (we don't want another HSG fiasco where they tell me it is covered then send me a bill!) So ultrasound number 3 is covered and tomorrow at 11:00 I will be going to hopefully get a better picture of baby girl. I might see if my momma wants to come with me and meet baby girl. Now for some good news. Before I got pregnant and I mean right before (Oct. 25 got pregnant that next week) I had an HSG done. Well I was told by my insurance that is was covered then received a bill for the elective procedure I wouldn't have had if they had said it wasn't covered. Well I appealed twice and the appeal was accepted, but they told me it would only be $200 off the $1,900 bill. Well we were just happy that this seemed to be what helped us get pregnant(there was a blockage, but the dye pushed it out) so we were mad, but not too mad. So last month I sent in our first payment and then today I receive a check from the hospital for what we had payed. We also owed the actually Dr. who did the procedure so I thought this was what it was for and the lady I spoke with said it was for the HSG. So now I am totally confused and called the insurance. Well they confirmed it that we had a $0 balance and it was adjusted and we owed nothing! So this week we had our 3rd anniversary, found out we are having a girl and now an angel was watching over us and heard our prayers and we were covered for the HSG. Now if those angels can be with me tomorrow when I go to the high risk OB to get the fluid on baby girls kidneys checked and tells me like my regular Ob that it is nothing then all shall be ok. Now comes the really fun stuff. I had a play date with my starter child Sarah and we had so much fun today. We had to of course hit up Fresh Market for some snacks (and to see if they carried the detergent I want to use on baby girls diapers which they didn't have) then we came home for some fun. We watched a Barbie fairy movie (I think that is the only thing about having a girl I might not be able to take), we did homework, replanted some flowers, played uno and snakes and ladders, decorated the sidewalk with some chalk, painted nails, and played eye spy. She really is getting me ready for baby love to get here. When her mom came to pick her up she came bearing gifts. She brought me the most beautiful smocked dress, a bunch of adorable outfits (all pink of course), and a Bepod chair. It is AWESOME! It is red and has a little tray and place mats and a place to attach this awesome toy to keep baby busy for a minute. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this family. Sarah has definitely prepared me to have my own little girl. So any prayers you guys have for us tomorrow we would really appreciate them. I am very confident that this little bit of fluid will be nothing and we will get a clean bill of health. Baby girl has been a rock n and a rollin in my belly soI know everything will be ok.

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