Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Things come To Those Who Wait

And we have all waited long enough for some pictures of baby girl's new room. I snapped 1 quick picture today after finally rearranging the nursery furniture to where it will be someday soon. Now imagine all of these fabrics from earlier. Just imagine how adorable the room will look with a little lot more color all around the room.
And here's an in progress shot of baby girl's closet.
Here is her adorable rocking chair. My amazing mom recovered the old cushions of my great grandmother's rocking chair. If that isn't a pretty special chair to rock my little girl every night.
Now let's move on to the scary pictures? I gave you the good stuff first, but now we have to see how we got to the pretty stuff. Things aren't exactly perfect in our little house right now (they are actually a down right mess hence why the husband and I are escaping to my parent's lake house by ourselves this weekend to get away from the mess). This is what we had to wade through the first night of nursery renovations. That would be a mattress, ancient sewing machine, desk, and baby swing on it's way to the in laws.
It gets even better people. Now we started cleaning out baby's closet so we can paint it pure beautiful white. This means we have to remove ALL of my clothes, pack away the winter clothes, and transfer all of our jackets (and we have a lot between the 2 of us for some reason) up into the attic to our covered free standing closet Jen and I put together. The rest of the clothes were air locked into vacuum bags and thrown (literally) into the attic to be placed nicely away at a later date.
Our poor den as it pretty much looks right now as I am sitting here typing. Don't you just love my make shift second bed. This is where I travel to after waking up for my mid-night potty break most nights. Isn't the clutter surrounding the tv tray and covering the tv tray glorious?
Our poor tiny hallway is riddled with painting supplies and tools.
Mommy's new closet. I added a second bar to fit the rest of my clothes (the one's I can fit in right now) and hung up a shoe organizer for the few shoes I actually wear.
The poor kitchen table is covered with junk from every room. Notice my amazingly stylish $.97 paper like hat I purchased from Home Depot which I never wore and am now suffering the long lasting affects of rubbing my hair all over wet paint while painting the closet.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get our house back to normal (or what is normal for us). there may still be papers all over the kitchen table (they may or may not be the taxes we need to finish very soon) and there will probably still be a box of shoes in the living room until I can find a suitable home for them. Hopefully by next week after my loving mother returns from her travels following the Tigers to Tulsa I will be able to sneak you a peek at further transformation of baby love's room. Until then I leave you with something I love today. Mom and I went browsing today and we cam across this adorable little lamby jacket. I kind of have a thing for baby lamb stuff and a good friend has actually bought me the matching lamb blanket, bib, and burp cloth. It seems only fitting that I should get the matching lamby jacket (maybe the little stacking toy also). Can;t you just picture tiny little Mckinley in this soft little lamby jacket this winter.
One last thing for the day. Here is the 21 week belly. For some reason the first shot the belly doesn't so big, but the second shot is out of control!

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Mrs. K said...

Adorable as usual Rox! And sometimes you have to make a mess to get things done. *wink* Can't wait to see more pics of the nursery as you get farther along. Oh & p.s.--McKinley definitely needs that lamb jacket! It is sooooo stink'in cute! <3