Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Worry Be Happy

I thank the Lord every morning for letting me wake up to the life I live and I am almost always happy to get up and get moving and on my way through my day. With that being said..........This has been a very long week. My usually limitless amounts of energy seem to be abandoning me lately and I have been letting others negativity affect me. This has been especially tough and I have not done my best to remember why I do what I do or why I love it so much.

I know there are many things going on right now that should make it ok to be in a bad mood every once in a while, but to me that is "Not Ok" (hang with me for a minute and you shall see why I needed these totally unnecessary quotation marks and yes I just made air quotes with my fingers after typing this). I live my life glass all the way full almost all of the time. In my happy little world things always turn out the way they are supposed to and there is always a silver lining and I am going to find my silver lining for the week.

I absolutely adore each and everyone of my students. There may be days which I can honestly say are very few and very far between when my patience can wear thin and I may use my "Loud Voice" and everyone knows that is "Not Ok" and "Mrs. Roxanne Does Not Like Using Her Loud Voice" (These are phrases my children have been know to repeat because they are the most overused phrases in our classroom all except my loud voice because as we all know I don't like using my loud voice).

Now for the silver lining. No matter how long my day seems or how worn out I might be it only takes one moment where something seems to click or one student does something like this...... Student: Mrs. Roxanne Mrs. Roxanne: Yes Student: First there is a pause like they are really thinking about what they will say next which is "I Love You". This is said very quickly like they have been wanting to share this little secret all day, but wasn't sure when the right time was. Mrs. Roxanne: I love you too! They follow this declaration of love with an arms thrown wide open wrapped around my neck kind of hug which is quickly followed by a few extra hugs from friends around us who feel like they are being left out if they can't get a hug in too. Yes I will say it..... My job rocks! I get told all day long how loved I am or how pretty my shoes are and trust me when you are pregnant, tired, and just not feeling pretty at all this can really make things seem much better.

I think I can squeeze one more silver lining from this week or I'm not the annoyingly happy girl. It's ok people I realize this, but honestly I am too happy to care that my happiness makes you crazy, but I will definitely try to kill you with kindness which will probably piss you off even more. It's a vicious cycle I know now get over it and be happy. This week we learned all about St. Patrick's Day and Lent. We made every kind of shamrock and read stories about Leprechauns, but I wanted to teach them the real reason we celebrated this day and not the reason most grownups celebrate. I wanted to tell them all about St. Patrick and why he was so special. We learned he is from Ireland, He was a priest and eventually became a Saint after he died (we learned all about what a Saint is), and how he drove the snakes out of Ireland (fun fact). I thought this wasn't the really fun stuff and this would just go over my babies heads. Well low and behold I have had more parents tell me how their child came home and told them all about St. Patrick from Ireland and that he did awesome stuff and was really nice and there are no more snakes. I mean come on. If that doesn't make you feel good then there is something seriously wrong with you. I now want you to scroll back up to the top of this post and re-read the title. You know you want it and I shall be kind and give it to you. If you aren't already humming it to yourself you soon will be. Hopefully this will help you find your silver lining.

Now it is time to take my ricephone to bed so I can still have an alarm in the morning to start another glorious day. You may be wondering why my phone is in a container of rice well if you haven't guess yet I dropped it in a cup of sugar free peach tea. This has nothing on the phone/yogurt incident of 2010 which took the life of a poor defenseless red phone. We shall see how everything turns out tomorrow. I may be spending my afternoon at Verizon getting some use out of the $5 I pay a month in case of an accident. This is "Not Ok"!

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