Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Material Girl

It took me a while to start really liking fashion, but I don't think baby girl will have this problem. I have purchased a few things (specifically Memphis stuff), but I have really tried to hold back because everyone told me not to buy anything (mainly my sister because she knows things). Well good thing I listened to her because today we hit the mother load. I had already gotten a few things from my friend Kim then today my friend Caryn brought me a huge bag of clothes, shoes, bibs, socks, and a hat or 2. Then when I got home another friend stopped by and they brought me a set of little girl monkey onesies. In shall include a few pictures just so you can see the madness that is this unborn child's closet so far. Baby girls growing shoe collection.

Seriously we will run out of closet space very soon
 I can not thank all of our friends enough for filling our little girls closet with such beautiful things. Now we just need a pretty little girl to wear all of these pretty little things. Here's a bonus for your enjoyment a 20 week belly shot.

I think baby girl know we are talking about her because she is doing gymnastics in my belly.

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Mrs. K said...

It's such a blessing to have good friends with baby stuff to share! And your bump pic is adorable! I wish mine would start looking more like baby & less like a beer belly. lol