Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Today was a good great day! I had my follow-up with the high risk Dr. and everything looked great! The fluid on baby girls kidneys was still at 3mm which is good because it hasn't gotten any bigger. We are hoping as we get further along it will completely go away and the Dr. said he didn't need to see me again so everything looked good. Everything else measured perfectly. Baby love is weighing in at a whopping 1lb. 6oz. Can you believe she is already that big? They want me to have 1 more US at 32 weeks to check everything one more time (woohoo another free US and another good look at baby girl). I am so glad everything is ok with baby girl and I am loving all of the extra pictures of her. I couldn't imagine only getting to see her 2 times before meeting her. I feel like I already know her from getting to see her so much.

Shock and surprise she was extremely uncooperative. The other night I knew I had felt a big movement so we weren't shocked when the US tech told us she was the complete opposite direction she was last time and was now completely head down feet up. Baby girl is quite the acrobat. Also we weren't shocked that baby girl wouldn't move over so the tech could get a good view of each chamber of her heart. She did give a few good kicks to let us know she was not happy with being poked and prodded. Of course after I left to waste some time at Target little girl started going crazy. She must have known I was buying stuff for her.

My next visit to the good ole Dr. will be my 1 hour glucose test (oh joy). I was hoping they would send home the yucky orange drink with me and I could suffer at home, but I have to go to the office then drink the nasty stuff and wait a whole hour to have my blood drawn. I shall be taking some knitting projects with me because I don't do well with waiting. Hopefully I pass this first test and don't have to suffer through the 3 hour test.

All is well on Team Doyle and once again we are back to waiting and preparing.

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Mrs. K said...

Yay for the good news! Glad your appt went well Rox. <3