Saturday, March 19, 2011

We've Got A Rockette

I am now convinced after last night that baby girl is going to have a career as a New York City Rockette or perhaps a soccer player. It blows my mind that she could already be kicking me as hard as she was last night. I have been trying to see if Brent could feel her , but it wasn't until last night and a tiny jolt of caffeine that little lady finally put on a show. It was so cute to see his face and I don't think he was sure if it was her or not until I asked if he had felt it and he replied with "Holy Crap"! It was so cute.

I forget that I get to feel this everyday,but this is brand new for daddy. He asked if it was annoying and it is funny because ok you would think it would be, but I absolutely love feeling my little wiggle worm move just like she is right now (she must have liked the left over pizza I just ate for breakfast). Brent and I are at the lake by ourselves this weekend relaxing. It makes me sad to think baby girl might not ever get to come here. We will just have to take more beach trips after she gets here to enjoy the water.

As I type this post on my phone listening to the pups toenails clip across the floor, Brent cooking breakfast and babygirl doing gymnastics in my belly I can't imagine being any happier.

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