Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If Money Grew On Trees

I am not a person who likes things or spending money. I hate to say it, but I may be one of the cheapest people that has ever lived! For example, Yesterday I went to A Pea In The Pod to find a Wedding/Easter/Shower dress and couldn't believe I actually walked out of there with a dress even with being on sale coasted me $98.00. I panicked as soon as I got home and told Brent how much I had spent and then wrapped the dress back up and put it back in my car to go back then next day. What was I thinking!?

I still can't believe I even thought about buying it. Especially when the dress I really want is on sale for $34 at motherhood maternity. This darn dress isn't even something I would normally wear. (I am panicking right now just thinking about it sitting in my car). I can't wait to take it back today I know I will feel like a huge weight is lifted. I just have a hard time spending more then $30-$40 for anything (and $40 is pushing it). I love my Old Navy deals when I can get 10 things online for $90. I will spend that much if I am getting a bunch of stuff for around $9-$10 a piece. Now that we have discussed my hatred for spending money let's talk about the newest addition that will be joining our family very soon. Why do they have to make little girls clothes so darn cute. For example......... This adorable Striped Dress from Children's Place! Why oh why must you be so darn cute striped dress. I could potentially get it on sale for $12 and I am still debating whether I should order it or not (especially after returning ridiculously pre mentioned PITP dress.) I shall try to resist because I still need a Wedding/Easter/Shower Dress I have my eye on these beauties as we speak

Plus after my friend Caryn dropped off about 20 outifts, shoes, and bibs in my classroom this morning I really don't need to be buying baby girl any clothes. I know I still have showers coming up, but oh how I long for this little striped dress. Someone please tell me to step away from the computer so I stop drooling over baby dresses! Glad I have decided to only allow myself 1 hour of computer time on the computer after I get home from work for Lent (Unless I am typing lesson plans).


eah42 said...

I say that you should buy the dress. This is your first child and although you will be getting a lot of nice things at your shower, it's not like it costs $90. You shouldn't worry about buying you little one cute little outfits... especially since your having a little girl! Go for it.

{Sorry, I know you told us to tell you not to buy it but I don't agree}

*Note* Congrats on the little one. I follow your blog and "know" you from thebump. :)

Roxanne said...

You bad influence you! = )
I am still thinking about it. I will post if I actually decide to get it.

Thank you Thank you Thank you! We are so excited about baby girl and I LOVE reading everyone's comments = )